International Physics Studies Programme

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: German English
Deadline: May 31, 2025
StudyQA ranking:4336 Duration:2 years
This is a physics course on MSc level with a possibility to specialise in either experimental soft matter, experimental condensed matter, or theoretical physics. The programme is rather flexible and consists of three stages: (1) specialisation phase, (2) introduction to research in physics and (3) the Master's thesis.
In the specialisation phase, students attend lectures, seminars, and labs. According to their interests, they choose within the following course structure: (1a) 10 CP: Advanced Experimental Physics: Soft Matter course or Condensed Matter course; (1b) 10 CP: Advanced Theoretical Physics: a course in either Quantum Mechanics or Statistical Physics; (1c) 5 CP: Main seminar chosen from a variety of 10 different subjects; (1d) 35 CP: Modules in Experimental or Theoretical Physics or a non-physical subjects chosen from a broad variety of courses. These 60 credit points (CP) constitute the first year of the MSc programme.
(2) The third semester is devoted to two research seminars, in which essential techniques such as advanced measurement methods, simulation, or advanced mathematical methods are taught. (3) In the fourth semester, the students choose an experimental or theoretical research group and write their MSc theses on a topical research problem.

Educational organisation

The Master's course consists of three phases. In a first phase, knowledge in experimental and theoretical physics is deepened. Students attend lectures, exercises, and lab courses in a specialised physics subject. The specialisation programme reflects the research interests of the physics institutes. The aim of these courses is to prepare students for their scientific research work. This education is supplemented by an Advanced Seminar, which prepares students to give scientific talks and write review articles about recent scientific topics. In the second phase, main research tools such as experimental methods, programming languages, specific mathematical tools, and scientific literature research are taught. The third phase of the Master's course comprises the scientific research work carried out under supervision by a professor or senior scientist.

Study abroad unit(s)



There are possibilities to complete internships at:

Forms of assessment

Written and oral examinations

Course objectives

The academic degree MSc in Physics qualifies students to apply for admission for doctoral work (thesis research) or for a career in industry. Traditional employment areas for physicists are microelectronics, construction of scientific and medical devices, fine mechanics, engineering, optics, chemical industry, informatics, and communication technology. Thanks to their analytical research concepts and problem-solving strategies, physicists frequently find employment positions outside of the field of physics.

Language requirements

For students who are not native speakers of English, a minimum 500-hour English course or certificate of level B2 is required.
A certified knowledge of German is not required.

Academic requirements

Prerequisite for admission to the International Physics Studies Programme is a successfully completed Bachelor's programme in Physics at university level. Further certificates have to be acknowledged by the responsible and officially recognised administration. Bachelor's degrees in related subjects may be acknowledged by the Board of Examiners. The Board may impose constraints and tests for admission.

Enrolment fees

197.50 EUR per semester (including the use of the public transport system in the city of Leipzig)

Costs of living

Approx. 750 to 800 EUR per month

Job opportunities

Work opportunities are possible at the department. Student can find employment doing exercise corrections, programming, specific laboratory work, or tutorials.
Students can expect a typical wage of about 1,200 EUR during a semester with a cap of about 450 EUR per month.

Arrival support

Central orientation week organised by the International Centre


Student halls of residence run by the "Studentenwerk Leipzig", shared apartments, accommodation services and estate agencies
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