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  • Local: $ 2.3k / per year
  • Foreign: $ 7.32k / per year
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  • English
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  • 15 May 2016

    15 May for non EU students, 15 June and 15 August for EU students

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    Moving goods from A to B sounds easy, but it’s a demanding task. Structure logistical processes by becoming an expert planner. Are you interested to be involved in this interesting study field?


    Logistics Management Engineering is a study field that offers you related jobs in many different companies: from automotive, pharmaceutical to wholesale and retail companies. Logistics Engineers are needed in many companies and institutions! Logistics is increasingly regarded as an opportunity to reduce costs and a way to gain competitive advantage. Within "distribution, warehousing, production and Supply Chain Management" control and coordination of goods, funds and information flows are very essential. The production and delivery of goods must always be at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right place. This is effectiveness which needs to be realized in an efficient way.
    Logistics Management Engineering Bachelor program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Bsc). Logistic Engineers will be the designers of logistics systems. This involves production systems, distribution systems, installing warehouses or the improvement of logistics chains of companies. The Logistics Engineer thinks in systems and handles logistic processes in an analytical manner. Optimizing processes is done by using OR-techniques, quantitative simulation techniques or software applications. Often you will work in projects and leadership skills are essential.

    1st year of study (propaedeutic phase)

    During the first year of study you learn what Logistics management is about. You are involved in projects which are supported by typical Logistics related subjects like:

    • Logistics
    • Mathematics
    • Economics

    2nd year of study (core phase)

    In the second year in depth Logistics management subjects are given and you can choose from several specializations. See overview Subjects per semester for more detailed information.

    3rd year - internship + minor

    4th year  - Logistics, Graduation Project in International Company

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    • International Baccalaureate Diploma with mathematics ( = VWO diploma); Career-related Certificate of the International Baccalaureate (= Havo Diploma with profession oriented subjects)
    • General Certificate Secondary Education with mathematics;
    • HAVO or VWO certificate with mathematics;
    • General Certificate Secondary Education (GCSE). Requirements: at least 6 exam subjects. Minimum for the examinee subjects is 4 GCSE subjects with grades A*, A, B or C and 2 GCE subjects at A/S Level (no specific grade required). A/S Level means advanced subsidiary level (previously advanced supplementary level).Mathematics should be part of examinee subjects.
    • For all equivalent educations, please send us your documents for diploma assessment.

    Non-EEA Top-Talent scholarships

    Excellent non-EEA students who start their education (first enrolment) at this Bachelor program from September 2014 are offered a Top Talent Scholarship of € 1.600,-.

    Conditions to receive our Top-Talent scholarship for your first academic year:

    • You start with one of our full 4-year Bachelor Programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc)
    • You have achieved excellent secondary school study results with an average mark of 75% or higher for the science-related subjects
    • You have not been enrolled as a university (world-wide) Bachelor student before

    Condition to receive our Top-Talent scholarship for your second academic year:

    • You achieved notification A (excellent) at the end of the first year (July)


    • The number of available scholarships is limited
    • In your third and fourth year you will participate in an internship, which will give you an income (paid by the company) of approximately 1750 Euro.
    • If you send us your application form and all necessary documents, we will automatically check whether you are eligible for our top-talent scholarship. We will inform you about the outcome within 5 weeks after receiving your application. Scholarships can only be given to students who send in their complete application package before 15 May.
    • An awarded scholarship will be cancelled if you pay the invoice amount after the payment deadline.

    Visiting address

    Tegelseweg 255
    5912 BG
    Venlo, The Netherlands

    Post address

    Postbus 141
    5900 AC
    Venlo, The Netherlands

    Telephone: +31 8850 75477

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