Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
251–300 place StudyQA ranking:3049 Duration:4 semestrs

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The research-oriented Master's degree programme in Toxicology conveys comprehensive knowledge about toxicants including their impact on living organisms. You will gain a profound understanding in general toxicology including pharmacology, physiology and pathophysiology, organ toxicology, pathological anatomy as well as histopathology. Furthermore, you will develop a methodological toolkit that enables you to explore and analyse these phenomena. Thereby the knowledge about chemistry, biochemistry, and medicine is deepened. Additionally your practical competences will be extended in analytical chemistry, in vitro toxicology and in vivo toxicology (e.g., experimental animal models in toxicology). Since working as a toxicologist also implicates a juridical dimension, you will gain substantial knowledge in national and international legislative and regulatory processes.

Course objectives

The objective of this research-oriented Master's programme is to enable students to perform autonomous scientific activities worldwide in toxicological research and risk assessment at university-based and extramural research institutions, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and at government agencies.
The students:
  • have profound knowledge in the central areas of toxicology
  • understand the molecular interactions between toxic substances and biological target structures
  • have very good practical skills in the fields of instrumental analysis, in-vitro toxicology, and laboratory animal science
  • are familiar with the national and international structures of legislation and regulation in the fields of chemical safety and drug approval
  • can interpret new research in a team or independently, critically discuss it, present it to other scientists or a popular audience, and apply it to solving their own questions
  • are furthermore capable of planning, executing, and directing toxicological projects

The programme gives students broad-based, comprehensive scientific training in the discipline of toxicology while enabling very personalised disciplinary positioning in specific toxicology subfields through a specialisation module, advanced research internships, and the subsequent Master's thesis. Thus, this Master's programme is suitable for both students who would like a broad toxicology education and those who aspire to a more in-depth specialisation.

Language requirements

Proof of English-language skills that correspond at least to Level C1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Article 4 Para 2 of ZulO governs the specifics. The Examining Board issues decisions regarding credentials on a case-by-case basis.

Academic requirements

An undergraduate academic degree in chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, food science, biology, pharmacy, medicine, or veterinary medicine; the scope of the degree must at minimum equate to a 180 CP (credit points) Bachelor's degree; academic degrees in related fields may be recognised provided they are equivalent or comparable.
A share of classes in science or medicine relevant to the Toxicology Master's programme comprising at least 60 credit points (CP)
A share of classes in science or medicine relevant to the Toxicology Master's programme comprising at least 60 credit points (CP)
Proof of English language skills that correspond at least to Level C1 of the European Framework for Languages.

Enrolment fees

Up to 277 EUR; the fee includes a so-called "Semester-Ticket" for public transport.

Costs of living

Approx. 800 EUR per month to cover personal expenses

Job opportunities

Job opportunities for students alongside their studies are numerous. Depending on personal and professional skills, students can find jobs in the service sector (e.g., in restaurants, cinemas, museums, theatres, etc.) or work as student assistants at the university or in the numerous non-university research institutions located in Potsdam. Furthermore, lots of tourist attractions (castles and museums) in town offer jobs for international students. More job opportunities for students of the University of Potsdam are offered by the "Studentenwerk Potsdam" (see
As the German capital Berlin is located just around the corner, students can also find jobs there.

Arrival support

Potsdam is conveniently located near the Berlin airports and international train stations. You can reach Potsdam easily via the local train service (S-Bahn and Regionalbahn).
The winter semester at the University of Potsdam starts on 1 October and the summer semester starts on 1 April. Detailed information about your exact arrival day, meeting point, and how to reach your meeting point is provided by the programme coordinators.

The University of Potsdam provides numerous preparatory programmes that start prior to or at the beginning of the semester. More information on specific courses for international students can be found online: Preparatory courses cover study techniques or the German language, including a preparation course for the DSH test. The preparatory courses aim to support international students right from the start and thus facilitate a successful study experience.

Moreover, international students can participate in the Buddy Programme. This programme offers a support network in which students from the university assist our newly arrived international students. The support network especially offers support at the start of the programme, but the support often continues until the end of the semester. The international and German students involved in the programme exchange language and cultural skills and thus quickly get to know many fellow students and the new academic environment.

Services and support for international students

The International Office provides advice to international students on all administrative issues as well as on legal and financial questions. All programmes have coordinators who should be contacted with any questions regarding the study programme, application, and details of the specific programme.

The University of Potsdam offers various programmes and courses to support international students (Buddy Programme, Tandem Programme, preparatory courses). The Buddy Programme offers a support network in which students of the university assist newly arrived students before and upon their arrival in Potsdam and at the university.


Depending on the programme, accommodation is either arranged in advance or the International Office will help you find suitable accommodation. Student accommodation is managed by the Studentenwerk Potsdam. On their website (see below), the available rooms can be viewed and further information about the application process can be found.
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