Pharmacology and Toxicology

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The field of pharmacology embraces the knowledge of the history, source, physical and chemical properties, compounding, biochemical and physiological effects, mechanism of action, absorption, distribution, biotransformation and excretion, and therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive uses of drugs. The field of pharmacology also embraces the discipline of toxicology which deals with the toxicity of drugs used in therapy as well as toxicity of industrial, agricultural and environmental chemicals 

The graduate program in pharmacology consists of 3 years of course and research work. During the first year, the student takes pre-requisite courses for pharmacology consisting of biochemistry and physiology courses. Pharmacology is taught during the second year as a formal course of 9 credits offered during the second semester and by participation in weekly seminars throughout the year. The third year is spent on a research project. Students who have gone through the program are expected to have learnt the basic principles of history, chemistry, mechanisms of action, biochemical and physiological effects, absorption and elimination, therapeutic uses and toxic effects of the major classes of drugs. In addition, the student will have gained experience in the art and science of research work, with particular emphasis on his/her ability to formulate hypotheses, design experiments to test them and analyze and present the results coherently using sound statistical methods, in the context of existing knowledge of the topic

Core Courses

The minimal courses required for an M.S. degree in pharmacology are the following: 

First Year

  • Physiology 310 General Physiology Cellular Mechanisms 3 credits
  • Physiology 300 Homeostasis 2 credits
  • Physiology 302 Cardiovascular Physiology 2 credits
  • Physiology 304 Metabolism 3 credits

Second Year

  • Faculty of Medicine 301 Introduction to Medical Literature 2 credits
  • Pharmacology 300 Pharmacology and Toxicology 9 credits

Third Year

  • Pharmacology 311 - 312 M.S. Thesis

Course Offerings

  • PHRM 240. 3 credits, Pharmacology and Therapeutics. (For undergraduate nursing students)
  • PHRM 228 - 300, 9 credits: Pharmacology and Toxicology. (For medicine and graduate students)
  • PHRM 303 - 304, 3 credits: Pharmacological Methods
  • PHRM 305 - 306, 3 credits: Enzymological Biossays
  • PHRM 307 - 308, 3 credits: Tutorial in Pharmacology
  • PHRM 309 - 310, 1 credit: Pharmacology Seminar
  • PHRM 311 - 312, 9 credits: MS Thesis
  • PHRM 260, (1- 2 months): Elective in pharmacology 
  • PHRM 314, 3 credits: Advanced pharmacology and therapeutics (for graduate nursing students)


A sound knowledge of physical and organic chemistry, zoology and botany, and mathematics is required. It is preferable that students take the following courses or their equivalents:

  • Biology 201, 202
  • Chemistry 201, 206, 211, 212, 210
  • Mathematics 201
  • Physics 204, 205, 206, 207

Students are required to submit a graduate application online, and to have a GPA of at least 80 or 3.0 and good recommendations to be considered for admission in a process that is competitive. Applicants to any graduate program other than AUB graduates and graduates of recognized colleges or universities in North America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, must demonstrate proficiency in the English language.

The University provides fellowships covering partial or full tuition and a small stipend for students at the graduate level in return for a specified number of work hours per week in an academic department. Recipients are selected on the basis of their academic record and departmental needs.

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