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The graduate program at the department of pharmacology seeks to provide graduates with the knowledge, abilities and culture needed to undertake teaching and research activities in pharmacology

Major Area: Pharmacology

Lines of Research

  1. Clinical pharmacology
  2. Cardiovascular pharmacology and pharmacology of the genitourinary tract
  3. Pharmacology of inflammatory processes and immunology of toxins
  4. Toxicology
  5. Pharmacology of the endocrine control of metabolism

Master’s Degree in Pharmacology (42M)

Required Courses

  • Current Issues in Pharmacology

Elective Courses

Students must obtain 18 credits among the courses listed below. The courses must be chosen in agreement with their Advisor.

MF703 Pharmacological Aspects of Smoking
MF704 Pharmacology of the Arterial Hypertension
MF719 Pharmacology of the Endothelium
MF720 Topics in Pharmacology 1
MF721 Topics in Pharmacology 2
MF722 Topics in Pharmacology 3
MF723 Topics in Pharmacology 4
MF724 Topics in Pharmacology 5
MF725 Topics in Pharmacology 6
MF727 Pharmacology of Neuromuscular Junction
MF728 Immunotoxicology
MF747 Advanced Topics in Immunotoxicology
MF748 Immune-modulation Produced by Medicinal Plants
MF787 Experimental Design
MF788 Ethics in the Use of Animals in Research
MF789 Receptors and Intracellular Signaling
MF790 Ionic Channels
MF791 Drug-Receptor Interactions
MF792 Immunopharmacology
MF793 Physiopathology of the Experimental Inflammatory Process
MF794 Topics in Hypersensitivity Reactions Applied to Dermatology and Cosmetology
MF795 Topics in Cutaneous Immunophysiopathology
MF796 Topics in Immunocosmetology
MF797 Pharmacology of Smooth Muscle and Inflammatory Response
MF798 Pharmacogenetics
MF799 Physiology, Physiopathology and Pharmacology of the Pulmonary Circulation

To be eligible for admission as a degree-seeking graduate student (i.e., masters or doctoral programs), students must hold a university degree. Admission to graduate programs is subject to course-specific standards and requirements, which vary from one field to another. In order to find out these requirements, the student must get in touch with the specific department and request admission information (selection procedures, deadlines, etc). In general, applicants are evaluated by means of a written exam, a study plan and personal interviews.

Foreign students have their requests and documents initially reviewed by the Graduate Program Coordinator of the program he/she is interested. If accepted, a letter of conditional acceptance at the university will be issued and emailed to the student with a digital certification. This will enable the student to apply for a student visa, required for class registration upon arrival. You should not try to come on a tourist visa: A change of visa status after entering Brazil is not possible.

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