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  • Local: $ 2.05k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 2.05k / Year
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  • English

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    Mechatronics means interdisciplinary studies in the areas of engineering and technology. In general, it is a new approach to designing and manufacturing of innovative products. Mechatronics combines such fields as mechanics, electronics, controlling and computer engineering.

    Graduates in Mechatronics are able to analyse, design and manufacture, operate and service complex interdisciplinary products. They are able to recognize real engineering problems and be ready to work as part of engineering teams in many different fields of industry, including automation, aviation, house equipment, consumer electronics, defense, software, manufacturing etc.

    The studies consist of general and technical courses. General courses include mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials science, computer and control science, while technical courses include mechanical design, manufacturing processes, electronics, electrical engineering, CAD/CAM/CAE, measurements and signal processing, project management and software engineering.

    The programme has been created because we believe it is very important for engineers nowadays to have a wide knowledge in many disciplines, as it helps them to achieve innovative solutions and be competitive on the global market.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Education requirements:

    Candidates are asked to attach to the e-Rekrutacja system the following documents:

    Scan of the
    passport page with your photo and personal data

    Scan of
    signed Curriculum Vitae

    Scan of signed cover letter (
    template HERE
    ), in which a candidate is obliged to show special predispositions to study at the chosen programme of study.

    Scan of the
    official certificate
    confirming your command of the
    language of instruction
    (Polish or English) – list of recognised English certificates

    Scan of the
    higher education diploma

    with legalization (or apostille)
    (or as a separate document) stating, that the diploma entitles to apply for admission to second-cycle degree programmes at universities of every type in the country in which you received the above mentioned diploma.

    Scan of the
    official transcript of records with scale of grades
    included, confirmed by the University.
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