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Media Communications

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 26.5 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 26.5 k / Year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:2870 Duration:48 months


The Media communications program gives you a strong foundation in:

  • journalism
  • photography
  • public relations
  • advertising
  • audio and video production
  • cross cultural communication
  • media literacy

You will learn about the creative, technical, and management dimensions of each of these areas. In addition, you will gain a high level of expertise in one or more of these fields - expertise that includes valuable practical skills.

To complete the major, you are required to produce a portfolio of your work. The portfolio enables you to demonstrate your mastery of a particular area. Faculty members will review your portfolio for its accuracy, creativity, content, and technical expertise.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline At least four months before the start term Tuition fee
  • EUR 26500 Year (EEA)
  • EUR 26500 Year (Non-EEA)

Full-time undergraduate tuition (per semester) CHF 15,920 flat fee,includes textbooks/e-book

Start date January,August 2015 Freshmen can begin their studies in either the Fall 1 term (August) or Spring 1 (January); Transfer students can begin their studies in any of the five terms: August, October, January, March or May. Credits 128
Duration full-time 48 months Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

Degree requirements:

  • - 48 credit hours required courses
  • - 44 credit hours elective courses
  • - 36 credit hours general education courses
  • - Portfolio Review

Required courses:

  • MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • MEDC 1020 Introduction to Media Production
  • MEDC 1050 Introduction to Media Writing, or
  • JOUR 1030 Fundamentals of Reporting
  • MEDC 1630 Introduction to Media Literacy
  • MEDC 2200 Ethics in the Media
  • MEDC 3190 Introduction to Media Research
  • MEDC 4100 The Law and the Media
  • MEDC 4620 Senior Overview, or
  • MEDC 4950 Professional Media Practicum*

plus 2 courses from the following:

  • SPCM 1280 Interpersonal Communication
  • MEDC 1500 Applied Media Aesthetics
  • MEDC 2800 Cultural Diversity in the Media
  • MEDC 3260 International Communications

and 1 course from the following:

  • AUDI 1930 Audio Production I
  • PHOT 1000 Photo I
  • INTM 1600 Introduction to Interactive Media
  • VIDE 1810 Video Production I
  • ADVT 1940 Introduction to Marketing Communications
  • BJRN 2410 Introduction to Radio-TV journalism
  • SCPT 2900 Scriptwriting
  • PBRL 2920 Writing for Public Relations

Portfolio Review

As a student majoring in media communications, you must complete a portfolio of your work after you have completed the following courses:

  • * MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • * MEDC 1020 Introduction to Media Production
  • * 6 credit hours of any introductory production courses (for example: VIDE 1810, PHOT 1000, FILM 2320, JOUR 1030, AUDI 1000, SCPT 2900, ADVT 2910, PBRL 2920)
  • * 3 credit hours of media theory courses

The Department will review your portfolio with you to assess your progress. We can then offer you guidance for your academic program and career goals.

*Capstone Course Requirement

The capstone course is an advanced course in which you demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter. It is required to complete the major and should be taken during your senior year.

General Education Requirements

A minimum of 36 credit hours must be taken within the selection of Liberal Arts and Sciences courses, with the following distribution:

  • Category One - 18 hours

Literature, History, Foreign language, General studies, Religious studies, Philosophy, Visual Art, Dance, Theatre, Music, Composition

  • Category Two - 12 hours

Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Women's studies, Multicultural studies, International Relations, International studies, Economics, Human Rights

  • Category Three - 6 hours

Computer Applications, Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences

English Language Requirements

IELTS band : 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test : 80

To study at this university, you have to speak English. We advice you to

take an IELTS test. More About IELTS


Freshmen are admitted to the University following the successful completion of a twelve-year American high school program or its international equivalent as recognized by Webster.

Students whose native or predominant language is not English may need additional English proficiency that requires them to enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL).

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

Related Scholarships*

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship

    "The Academic Excellence Scholarship can provide up to a 50 % reduction in tuition per semester. These scholarships will be renewed if the student maintains superior academic performance during each semester of their 3-year Bachelor programme. The scholarship will be directly applied to the student’s tuition fees."

  • Alumni Study Travel Fund

    Scholarships for students who are already attending the University of Reading.

  • Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

    The University of Amsterdam aims to attract the world’s brightest students to its international classrooms. Outstanding students from outside the European Economic Area can apply for an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship.

* The scholarships shown on this page are suggestions first and foremost. They could be offered by other organisations than Webster University Geneva.

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