Social Sciences (Global Studies Programme)

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: Nov 30, 2024
83 place StudyQA ranking:3722 Duration:2 years

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The programme aims at imparting interdisciplinary and inter-regional knowledge of current phenomena of globalisation. The programme provides an assessment of globalisation from the perspectives of both the Global North and South. The emphasis is on perspectives from the Global South. The programme comprises sociology, political science, anthropology, and cultural geography, with additional courses in economics and data management. During the two years of the programme, students work in these disciplines at prestigious institutions on at least three continents. They study together in different parts of the world as a group composed of students from all over the globe. The intercultural, interdisciplinary and intercontinental experience makes them experts on the currents of globalisation and the study of these. Participating countries include Argentina, India, South Africa, and Thailand, with the option of visiting other countries during an internship.

Educational organisation

The course of studies comprises three semesters on three different continents, each covering four modules. The four modules are globalisation, global governance, cultural change, and methodology. Each module corresponds to one course per semester. This is followed by an international internship and a final thesis semester. All courses are held in seminar-style and weighted equally.

Study abroad unit(s)

First semester: University of Freiburg
Second semester: University of Cape Town or FLACSO, Buenos Aires
Third semester: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, or Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
Fourth semester: University of Freiburg
Between third and fourth semesters: internship in an international organisation


An internship of at least six weeks, between the third and fourth semesters, is a mandatory component of the programme.

Forms of assessment

Tests, essays, oral presentations, research papers plus thesis and oral exam

Course objectives

Graduates earn an interdisciplinary and intercontinental diploma. They will have gained varied disciplinary and regional perspectives on the phenomenon of globalisation. Students will be well acquainted both with theoretical tools coming from the mentioned disciplines as well as with different methods of qualitative research and techniques of data collection. Furthermore, they will have gained the intercultural experience of living on different continents and in a multicultural group of students. They will be ideal candidates for any international organisation, institution, corporation, government or administration service. Graduates will also be able to work in the fields of academia and journalism.

Language requirements

TOEFL test or equivalent - native speakers of English or applicants who can demonstrate that they have studied previously in an English-speaking country are exempt from this

Academic requirements

  • Good proficiency in English
  • BA above-average or equivalent in a social science discipline or a related subject
  • Letter of motivation

Enrolment fees

University of Freiburg: approx. 150 EUR per semester

Costs of living

Participants must make sure in good time that sufficient funds are available to finance their participation in a course of study. The average cost of living in Freiburg for one month is currently approx. 800-900 EUR. Some details:
  • Student accommodation costs approx. 280-450 EUR (monthly).
  • Private expenses amount to around 350 EUR (monthly).
  • Health insurance is available for approx. 45-90 EUR (monthly).
  • Transport: A special student fare for regional transport costs approx. 89 EUR (per semester).

Arrival support

Information on the town, the university, and formalities is distributed prior to arrival.

Services and support for international students

In addition to services and support offered by each coordinator of a course of study, the International Office organises a special four-day orientation session, which generally takes place two weeks before the beginning of the semester. This orientation session includes information about various aspects of everyday life (e.g. accommodation, work opportunities, etc.), presentations and visits to important institutions (e.g. the university library), and opportunities for socialising with other international students. During the semester, the "International Club", coordinated by the Studentenwerk (students' social services), offers a great variety of events, trips, and services for international students in cooperation with the International Office. Furthermore, the UNIKOS team, a group of international students who have been studying at Freiburg University for some time, give practical advice and can be approached for help in several languages.


As Freiburg is an attractive city, finding a suitable place to live can take a little time. Only a small number of students can be offered a room in a student dormitory. The Studentenwerk (students' social services) is in charge of the student dormitories. Applicants must expect a waiting period. In addition to these dormitories, several independent dormitories are listed on the university website. The Studentenwerk also offers a list of available private rooms and the International Office can be contacted for further assistance in finding accommodation (
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