Veterinary Medicine

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The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is ordered as a 4 year program using learning incorporated across units of study in every year. Clinical case examples are used throughout the app to demonstrate the relevance of every and every topic in understanding the complexities of animal diseases including their diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Research training is embedded throughout the program, to ensure students are skillful users and creators of research. Training in clinical and professional skills forms a vital part of the program program, starting in DVM Year inch and also consisting of interactive small band practical classes and non - and extramural placements. Last year is devoted solely to work-integrated learning where students undertake intra and extramural clinical trials, along with opportunities for economists in non-clinical sectors of the veterinary profession.

Graduates of This accredited Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program are immediately eligible for Enrollment with the Practitioners Board in each Country and territory in Australia. The training course is also recognised internationally by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK) and is licensed by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Students graduating from an AVMA-accredited faculty have their degree recognised in North America and therefore are eligible to sit US National Veterinary Accreditation Accreditation.

Entry to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is based upon the following criteria: 1 ). Grade Point Average (GPA) in the completed Bachelor's degree, minimum credit average required 2. Successful conclusion of prerequisite components . Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Entry Report including at least 28 weeks of relevant work experience and animal handling experience, using the prescribed form allowable from at least four (4) referees, to be routed directly from the referee to the school using the form available on our website 4. Have met the University's English language requirements All these are the minimum admission requirements for your DVM. As entrance to the program is highly competitive, students that meet the minimal requirements are subsequently ranked based on academic operation and admission statement.

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