An ideal programme for gaining an understanding of business in general and the role of marketing in service businesses and smaller enterprises in particular. The programme has a backbone in marketing, but general aspects of business also receive substantial coverage. Since marketing is one of several functional areas within an organisation, this programme links marketing roles, tasks and functions with other organisational activities such as management, accounting and economics.


You are expected to gain an in-depth understanding of subject related material through studying on a balanced range of different subject modules, while simultaneously developing key employability skills and competencies from the teaching, learning and assessment experiences you will participate in. You can take an optional work placement in year three and return to complete the final year as year four, giving you an advantage in the graduate job market.


The studies go destined to all those that want to learn knowledge, specific skills and to develop their professional career in the area of the management of companies or departments, deepening in the marketing.

The pupils can be residents in Spain that want to be formed or to continue their formation in English in the area of the businesses or foreigners that want to come to Barcelona to know another culture, ways of doing and studying a program in a language that they know.

Professional outings

This programme will help you to develop professional business and marketing abilities essential for jobs in market research, product and brand management, public relations, sale management and advertising

Evaluation and accreditation

The evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each block of study, through class attendance and / or examination. The student must have passed each subject independently.

Having successfully passed the evaluations and with the minimum attendance required, the student will be able to pass to the following year and after having completed three academic years, will get the INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School degree.


Level 4 / Year 1

  • Economic & Financial Aspects of Business
  • Organisational Behaviour and Analysis
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Quantitative Methods for Business Applications

Level 5 / Year 2

  • Human Resources in Business
  • Business Environment
  • Marketing Research
  • Option Module

Level 6 / Year 3

  • Services Management
  • Enterprise and Small Business
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Option Module

University requirements

Вам нужно будет пойти в консульство Испании в вашей стране за студенческой визой. Без этой визы вы не сможете продолжить обучение в Испании. Требования, необходимые для получения учебной визы в Испании, могут меняться в зависимости от вашей страны. Поэтому университет рекомендует ознакомиться со всеми нюансами непосредственно в местном испанском консульстве. Также университет подчеркивает, что консульство может запросить несколько уточнений и дополнительных документов, подготовка которых может требовать времени.

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