Abdullah Gul University

Kayseri, Turkey
Site: www.agu.edu.tr Founded: 2010 year Type of University:State StudyQA ranking: 9156 pts. No. Students: 1116 Frgn. Students: 96 No. Staff: 211 Languages: Turkish Phone: +903522248800 Fax: +903523388828
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The Abdullah Gül University (AGU) is a Third Generation State University embracing multi-disciplinary research and innovative approaches to meet global challenges. All our Programs are offered 100% in English and students are taught in a multicultural environment promoting social awareness and inclusion for all, by renowned professors with international experience. As part of our hands-on training approach AGU students have the opportunity to apply new knowledge within the frame of research projects.

AGU is the first hybrid model between State and Private University in Turkey.

It has been selected by the Turkish government as a pilot model and the outcomes of this new initiative will be shared with the rest of the country’s State Universities. AGU, as a 3rd Generation University emphasizes Education, Research but most importantly “Societal Impact”. AGU’s philosophy was set by the contributions of over 500 stakeholders from all lines of business.

Keywords reflecting AGU’s philosophy: Community needs, Student Comfort and Development, Multi-transdisciplinary Approach, International Development, Hands-on Training in the Field From Practitioners.

A few key facts and figures about AGU:

  • All AGU programs are taught 100% in English (Engineering, Leadership & Management, Architecture, Life and Natural Sciences)
  • Although only in its 3rd academic year, all AGU academic programs are ranked in the Top 5 Turkish State universities (out of 110 universities)
  • AGU is ranked #21 (out of 193 universities) in the Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities index of the Turkish Science and Technology Foundation
  • AGU is ranked in the top 3 in Turkey in terms of indexed publication and citations per Faculty
  • AGU's Student:Faculty ratio is 6:1
  • Nearly all Faculty members graduated and worked in some of the best World’s Universities
  • The international student ratio is 10% from 40 countries (after only 2 intakes)
  • The University is located in Kayseri (in Cappadocia), a city considered as the Industrial, Touristic and Entrepreneurial heart of Turkey
  • Life in Kayseri and on campus is very affordable compared to the USA or even Istanbul/Ankara
  • Engineering & Natural Sciences

  • Faculty of Architecture

  • Leadership and Management

The first steps towards founding Abdullah Gul University were taken, by the Kayseri City Council and other city notables, in 2007. The aim was to raise the profile of education in Kayseri in line with the city’s own vision of its development.

The University was named for prominent Kayseri citizen and the 11th president of the Turkish Republic, Abdullah Gül, who only accepted this honour on condition that the university would be dedicated to the quest to become a high-quality university that would be distinguished in Turkey and compete with international institutions.

The university was formally founded on 21 July 2010 as Turkey’s first foundation supported State University.

AGU admitted its first students in the 2013 2014 Academic Year. Education has been conducted at the site of Turkey’s first industrial complex, which is being transformed from being a place of great historical significance to be a place of great educational significance.

In the future, the University will also be served by a second campus, known as Mimar Sinan.

As AGU aspires to its aim of being a research and teaching University of international standards, an institution playing a key role in its development will be the AGU Foundation.

Founded on 13 July 2011, the work of the AGU Foundation is dedicated to the overall goal of supporting the university with the following three specific aims:

  • To provide financial incentives to successful students
  • To provide economic cultural and social support to the University’s employees
  • To fund developments in the university’s physical and technical technological facilities, and underwrite improvement in education, research and opportunities for their application.


The Abdullah Gül University applies country-specific eligibility criteria for acceptance into its undegrraduate programs. You can find our full list of accepted certificates and diplomas per country and minimum requirements for each.

But we recommend all candidates to apply with international certificates such as the SAT, ACT, IB, AP, GCE A- or AS-Levels etc. As well as the TOEFL certificate as proof of English proficiency, in order to increase their chances of acceptance.


The following documents are required for applications to AGU's Graduate programs:

  1. Undergraduate and Graduate (if available) Diploma 
  2. ALES or GRE Certificate (It's mandatory for Turkish applicants to have an ALES score and for international applicants to have a GRE or GMAT or GAT Score)
  3. Language Proficiency Exam Certificate (TOELF iBT or PTE or AGU on-campus English Exam (for MSc candidates residing in Turkey only)
  4. University Transcript
  5. Minimum of 2 Recommendation letters
  6. CV/Resume
  7. Official ID Photo
  8. Passport (ID and Validity Date pages) (Mandatory Only For International Students)
  9. Portfolio*
  10. Statement of Purpose*

* Requested in interviews from the candidates who apply for graduate programs of Architecture.

The Abdullah Gül University benefits from several layers of recognition:

  • as a State University, AGU and its diplomas are accredited and recognised by the Turkish State
  • as an Erasmus+ accredited institution, it is recognised by the European Union
  • as a Bologna Process participant (and therefore applying ECTS credits), all AGU transcripts are recognised by institutions recognising ECTS credits

All AGU Undergraduate programs have consistently ranked in the Top 10 for the Turkish State University Rankings. In 2017, AGU ranked 2nd among State universities (and 5th overall) in the National Student Satisfaction Survey.

Social Life

Student Clubs

AGU currently has 16 student clubs, which you will have the opportunity to join as an International Student:

  • Charity Club
  • Music and Performing Arts Club
  • Outdoor Sports Club
  • Sportive Activities Club
  • Photography Club
  • Signshine Club
  • International Association Club
  • Cycling Club
  • Science and Technology Club
  • Operational Research and Engineering Club
  • Construction Club
  • Youth Life Club
  • Design Club
  • Strategy and Board Games Club
  • Cinema/TV Club
  • Business Club          

AGU Student Clubs as well as the University Administration organize events and trips such as Skiing outings, trips to Cappadocia and Sultan Sazlığı Reedfield (Bird Sanctuary) or on-campus activities such as tournaments and Karaoke evenings. Every Spring, all Student Clubs also organize AGU Club Fest.

AGU Intercultural Series

  • Edition 1: KENYA
  • Edition 2: MOROCCO
  • Edition 3: PAKISTAN   
  • Edition 4: EGYPT

Courses And Activities For AGU Members

Every Semester, the AGU Department of Health, Culture and Sports (SKS) publishes a new schedule of culture activities for AGU members. You will, for instance, have the opportunity to subscribe to courses such as:

  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Tile
  • Ceramics
  • Violin
  • Photography
  • Arabic
  • Theater

Over the course of the year, various AGU Departments organize cultural activities for AGU members, such as concerts, theatrical representations...



  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball courts
  • A Running Track
  • Ping Pong
  • Billiard Tables
  • Dart boards

An On-campus fitness center was finalized in Fall 2017. The Center will host sports classes and students will have access to weight and cardio machines.

AGU members also have free access to the Kadir Has Sports Center for the matches of the AGU Spor Female Basketball Team.

Sports Lessons

AGU members also have the opportunity to subscribe to lessons for activities such as:

  • Golf
  • Orienteering
  • Ski
  • Horse Riding
  • Aerobics
  • Ice-Skating
  • Darts
  • Tennis
  • Ping Pong
  • Martial Arts
  • Modern Dance
  • Archery
  • Futsal


Every year the AGU Department of Physical Education and Sports (BESYO) organizes tournaments for all AGU members, in disciplines such as: Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis...


On our Sümer campus a nurse is available on site at the AGU HEALTH CENTER until 5pm. A doctor is available in the mornings during weekdays.

Outside of their working hours, our security team is available on campus 24/7 to assist in case of emergencies.

What to do in Kayseri

The airport being only ten minutes away from our Sümer Campus, you are ideally placed to go explore other must-see spots in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antaly.

  • Historical Sites: Kayseri castle, The Bazaar, Hunat Hatun Mosque, Gülük Mosque, The Great Mosque, Kurşunlu Mosque, Alaca Kümbet and Döner Kümbet mausolea,Surp Krikor Church, The district of Bünyan...
  • Museums: The museum of Archeology, The Ethnographic Museum, The Atatürk House, Mimar Sinan Museum, Science Center
  • Mazakaland: Enjoy the Rides, Play Lazer Tag, Try out Water Skiing, Go Ice Skating, Rent Tennis Courts, Run on the Tracks, Visit the Zoo!
  • Shopping Centers: Almer, Forum Kayseri, Ipeksaray, Kayseri Park. (major blockbuster movies at the cinemas in Forum Kayseri and Kayseri Park available in English!)

Visiting the Region

Erciyes Mountain

It is the biggest peak of Anatolia with a height of 3.917m.It is composed of Büyük Ercıyes (3917m) and of Küçük Erciyes (2700m). A fully equipped Ski Center awaits you, with ski slopes at an altitude of between 2.100m and 3.340m. Currently there are around 100km of slopes, but the ski center is undergoing a major expansion project (Master Plan, the objective is 200 km of interconnected ski slopes). Daily access and ski rental are incredibly cheap compared to Western European tariffs.

Outside of the ski season, Mount Erciyes is also a popular destination for: Trekking, Climbing, Mountain biking, Paragliding, Horse riding, Picnicking...


Cappadocia is a region and historical site (UNESCO World Heritage Site), situated mainly in Nevşehir province. Its boundaries are unclear, but it is generally considered to be around 15 000 km². All around you can admire the fairy chimneys and beautiful sunsets, as well as the remains of past civilizations, which have left behind underground cities, troglodytes, as well as cave churches and monasteries. The region also has one of the oldest wine industries!

The most famous activity to try out in Cappadocia, apart from trekking of course, is to discover the region while aboard a hot air balloon. Usually they start to rise up very early in the morning so that you can watch the sun rise on the beautiful reliefs of the Cappadocian landscape.

The region is also famous for its horseback riding, bicycle and Jeep and Quad safari tours.

After a long day discovering the many wonders of Cappadocia, why not enjoy a relaxing visit to a traditional hammam (for example in Ugrup, Nevşehir, or Avanos). Baryram Hacı is also particularly known for its thermal baths.

Other touristic spots include:

  • Aladağlar National Park
  • Sultan Sazliği Reedfield – Bird Sanctuary
  • Kültepe Kanesh-Karum
  • Karatay Caravansaray
  • Talas And Its Underground City
  • Ali Mountain (Ali Dagi) - International Paragliding Destination


  • Recently renovated and comfortably furnished rooms in secure Student Village
  • Kitchen in every apartment
  • Common and study rooms
  • Free washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities

Campus Life

  • Lunch cafeteria
  • On-campus Café
  • On-campus restaurants
  • Snack vendors
  • Possibility to order food from major fast-food chains
  • Supermarkets close to Student Village and Campus main building
  • Sümer Campus just 2 bus stops (10min) away from city center
  • Join one of our 15 Student Clubs!
  • On- and off-campus leisure and personal development activities organized throughout the year
  • On-campus sports facilities (Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis courts, Football field, Table Tennis, Billiard, Fitness center…)
  • Free access to Kadir Has Sports Center for the AGU Spor Female Basketball team’s games (2014 Quarter-Finalists for EuroLeague Women & 2015 Runner-Up for Turkish Women’s Basketball League)

Health Services

  • On-campus nurse and/or doctor available at University Health Center
  • Campus security available to assist outside of office hours

Other Facilities on Campus

  • Fully equipped Library with free computer access
  • Computer Lab
  • Relaxation Areas
  • Study areas
  • Conference Hall
  • Large green areas


  1. Among the best Institutions in Turkey for Student Satisfaction AGU ranked 5th among universities (2nd among State universities) in the 2017 National Student Satisfaction Survey
  2. 100% English Education (One of only 5 universities out of 200 in Turkey)
  3. All Undergraduate Programs in the Top 7 in the Turkish Ranking. After only 3 years of existence (among 144 Turkish State Universities)
  4. International recognition of diplomas. Thanks to ECTS credit system as well as an Anglo-Saxon curriculum structure  (4-year Bachelor, 2-year Master and 4-year PhD programs)
  5. Low Student/Academician Ratio (6:1 at the undergraduate level, 3:1 for Master students)
  6. 25% International Teaching Staff
  7. All Academicians have international study and/or Work experience. From top institutions worldwide (All professors are PhD holders)
  8. Strong common Core Curriculum program. With a transdisciplinary approach, focused on Global Challenges
  9. Brand new, top quality facilities and equipment. Including connected classrooms
  10. AGU School of Languages. Offers English Preparatory Program and possibility to explore a second foreign language
  11. High quality student body (Turkish students recruited among the top 10% of national university entrance exam; International students recruited with world-recognized academic records)


  1. Among top 3 in Turkey in terms of indexed publications, citations and impact factor per faculty
  2. Among top 20 out of around 200 Turkish universities in the Innovative and Entrepreneurial University Index. Of TÜBITAK (Turkish Science and Technology Foundation)
  3. Among the best Turkish universities in terms of reverse brain-drain
  4. 1.6 Indexed journals and 35-40 citations per faculty member per year
  5. 1:1 student/faculty ratio in research programs
  6. Nationally and Internationally awarded Researchers at AGU
  7. High quality and continuously developing research infrastructure with brand new equipment
  8. AGU Faculty members explore new and innovative research subjects with a focus on Societal Impact
  9. Research projects receiving support from industrial and public institutions, such as TÜBITAK, European Union, World Bank…

Societal Impact

  1. AGU cultivates skilled professionals who meet global challenges
  2. AGU Undergraduate students complete a unique GLOBAL CHALLENGES CORE CURRICULUM program. A set of transdisciplinary courses, teaching students about the Global Challenges of tomorrow and helping them think up solutions to these key issues
  3. 80% of AGU students take part in volunteering projects at the local or international level
  4. Non-formal education activities and abroad training opportunities (AGU Youth Factory)
  5. Partnerships with NGOs, public authorities and Chambers of Commerce and Industry to work on social development projects
  6. AGU is a European Voluntary Service (EVS) accredited sending and hosting organization
  7. AGU works with the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Goethe Institute to host their SivilLAB project in Kayseri
  8. All programs are designed to produce graduates who can have a positive impact on society
  9. Organization of international events and conferences on global societal issues

Student Focused

  1. Third Generation University and Hands-on Training approach (“Learning by Doing” philosophy with real-life case studies, consultancy projects, gamification…)
  2. Individual curricula, academic and career advisors and psychological support
  3. Personal Development Activities, Entrepreneurship courses and University projects
  4. AGU Non-Academic Transcript delivered to all AGU students. A unique way to value and recognize competencies acquired by students during their studies at AGU (including, but not limited to, communication, social and teamwork skills or digital competencies) and to highlight their volunteering activities in or outside of AGU
  5. Strong network for work experience and Job Fairs organised on campus
  6. Newly renovated and furnished on-campus accommodation
  7. On-campus sports and leisure facilities (Incl. Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Billiard, Ping-Pong, Fitness Center, etc.)
  8. Rich library and access to major online research databases and networks
  9. Health Centre with full-time on-campus nurse and part-time on-campus doctor
  10. Opportunity to participate in International Conferences and Symposia on campus
  11. Events and excursions in and outside of Kayseri
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Foreign:$ 351 / Academic year(s)
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Study mode:On campus Languages: English
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Deadline: Aug 3, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 255
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Deadline: Jul 18, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 240
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Foreign:$ 176 / Academic year(s)
Deadline: Jul 18, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 236
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Foreign:$ 176 / Academic year(s)
Deadline: Jul 18, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 272
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Foreign:$ 176 / Academic year(s)
Deadline: Jul 18, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 287
Study mode:On campus Languages: Turkish
Foreign:$ 351
Deadline: Aug 1, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 143
Study mode:On campus Languages: Turkish
Foreign:$ 351 / Academic year(s)
Deadline: Aug 1, 2021 StudyQA ranking: 147
Study mode:On campus Languages: Turkish
Foreign:$ 176 / Academic year(s)
Deadline: Jan 3, 2022 StudyQA ranking: 156