American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Site: Founded: 2005 year Type of University:Private StudyQA ranking: 4130 pts. Languages: Serbian Phone: 0038735321050 Fax: 0038735340100
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The American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbr. AUBiH) is an private university located in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2007, the University opened a postgraduate department in Sarajevo, offering a fast track master's degree in business administration. In 2009, it opened an undergraduate department in Banja Luka. In 2011, the AUBIH opened an undergraduate department in Mostar.

The quality of education at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina allows students to obtain titles and degrees accredited and recognized in:

The United States of America by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), 750 First Street NE, Suite 980, Washington, DC 20002-4223, ((Tuzla: ID CODE 00109005(MC)), (Sarajevo: ID CODE 00173432(CA)), (Banja Luka: ID CODE 00173431(CA))

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Foreign Schools Approval Department) based on the requirements of CFR 21.4260 approved under Title 38 CFR the enrollment in requested program at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Republic of Turkey by the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey (YOK), Turkey, 06539 Bilkent-Ankara, (ID CODE 08.08.2011-033527), an official higher education body accrediting educational institutions and programs.

The Agency for Development of Higher education and Quality Assurance Bosnia and Herzegovina (HEA), Bulevar vojvode Stepe Stepanovića 11 78000 Banjaluka.

In the Bosnia and Herzegovina by EU / BiH Bologna processes and standards acredited and registered by the Ministry of Education in:

  1. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MONKSTK), Tuzla Canton, Slatina 2, 75000 Tuzla, (ID CODE: 10/1-38-17233-1/11),
  2. Ministry of Education, Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića # 1, Sarajevo Canton (MONKS), (ID CODE: 11-01-38-28532-8), 
  3. Ministry of Education, culture, and Sport, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Stjepana Radića 3, 88000 Mostar (ID CODE: 05-01-40-1010/10), 
  4. Ministry of Education, Republic of Srpska, BiH, Trg Republike Srpske 1, 78000 Banja Luka (ID CODE: 07.023/602-7945/09), 

On campus and off, AUBiH offers students a wide variety of athletic, social and cultural activities. Membership in clubs and organizations is open to all AUBiH students. Besides being fun, participating in these activities can be a valuable addition to your academic development.  They help you make new friends and develop leadership skills.
Whether you like to latin dance, recite poetry, design websites or chase friends around a paintball field, AUBiH has a club for you.
If you can’t find an organization that interests you, start your own! The Student Services Office is available to help with advice and staff support.

Student Union

The Students' Union is a democratically organized student body, that represents your interests. The Union's aim is a presentation and realization of these interests and issues of common concern in accordance with applicable regulations. Besides contribution to the improvement of study and social relationships, it develops other interests and your activities. The Students' Union operates in the interests of development and progress of the quality of studies, student welfare and development of scientific thought. Involvement in the Students’ Union gives you the opportunity to represent other students and gain leadership experience.

Sport Activities

Sports offer a multitude of recreational and sports activities through which you have the opportunity to participate in local football and basketball leagues, and sports activities within the university. In addition, AUBIH students can recreate themselves by going to the gym, fitness club, or pool.
If you are a student with strong sporting spirit, it is possible to form your own club, which will be further developed with our wholehearted support.

Students' Clubs

Membership in clubs is provided for all AUBIH students. Besides being a source of entertainment, relaxation and friendship, participation in these activities is an important contribution to the academic development of students. These activities help in gaining new friends and improves developing of different skills.

If you would like to design a web page, student newsletter, deal with various sports activities, improve their communication, leadership, organizational and other skills, AUBIH has what you need. If you can not find a club that suits you, form your own club! Department of Student Services is here to help you with advice and support in the realization of your ideas.

Values that AUBiH offers to the students are:

  • U.S. system of education
  • University digitalization
  • Co-operative learning (100% Employment)
  • US, Turkey, BiH/EU Bologna Accreditation
  • US, Bosnian and International Faculty
  • 100% English speaking University
  • Internationally recognized career programs
  • Career and Professional Development Center Services
  • Case study methods of learning
  • US work and travel program
  • Distance Learning education (Live eClassroom)
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Study mode:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 48.2k / 1 Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 48.2k / 1 Academic year(s)
  StudyQA ranking: 2087
Study mode:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 6.15k / 1 Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 6.15k / 1 Academic year(s)
  StudyQA ranking: 1398
Study mode:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 20k / 1 Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 20k / 1 Academic year(s)
  StudyQA ranking: 1794