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Study mode:Full-time Languages: English Duration:24 months
Local:$ 6.09k / 1 Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 6.09k / 1 Academic year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:1398

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The two-year Public Policy masters program is designed to transfer the skills necessary for success in public service. Students gain advanced competence in state, private and market analysis, and learn to break down complex political and social problems into strategic solutions.

This distinguished curriculum develops confidence in leadership, strategic governance, and informed judgement. In small, interactive classes students learn methods, techniques, and strategy for shaping effective and appropriate solutions to real policy issues. Blending the best in innovative policy around the world, this is the most distinct Public Policy program in Prague.

Anglo-American Universitys international faculty of specialists teach not only based on their qualifications, but from their experience in policy research, policy design, and intercultural communication.

Key Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the M.A. in Public Policy program can expect to:

* Have an actionable knowledge of strategic governance, public policy and applied sociology
* Be able to identify describe with insight trends and examples of corruption, clientelism, organized crime, ethnic conflicts, and other societal threats
* Have experience in research methods, and are ready for advanced policy research for national and international interests.
* Communicate professionally, decisively and strategically in verbal and written English. Our graduates are able to identify, describe and discuss complex problems and solutions to international audiences.

The M.A. in Public Policy is a full-time study program.

Full-time: Study and advancement is based on classroom lectures and interactive exercises. Attendance and participation are mandatory.

* 7 class hours = 1 ECTS credit
* 42 hours = 6 ECTS/3 US credits.

Program Structure

The program requires 120 ECTS credits (60 US credits) and may be completed by full-time students in two years.

Required Courses

* Public Policy in Knowledge Based Societies

* Economic Sociology and Labor Markets

* Theories in Globalization

* Inequality, Class, Gender, Ethnicity

* Internship or Research Practicum

* Thesis Seminar

* US Foreign Policy

* EU Future--Trends and Perspectives

* Conflict Studies/International Organizations

* International Political Economy

* Public Policy as a Discipline

* Comparative European Public Policies

* Comparative Political Systems and Strategic Governance

* Methods of Policy Analysis and Design

* Modern Sociological Theories


* Sociology of Education and Social Stratification

* Propaganda and Information

* Language and Power

* Environment and Public Policy/Environmental Anthropology

* Cultural Project Planning

* The Americas

* Global Migration

* Public Administration

* Sociology and the Family

* Health Care, Pensions, Employment and Welfare

Final Exams
In order to graduate, students must pass a final, State Examination conducted by a panel of faculty, including one thesis opponent.

State exams consist of: a presentation and defense of an original masters thesis; oral examination on modern sociological theory, public policy, comparative political systems, problems of contemporary societies, and public economy.

To apply for a master's degree program at Anglo-American University, applicants must submit a complete Application Form and all documents listed below: * Notarized copy of an bachelors undergraduate degree; * Essay * Official transcript confirming accredited undergraduate degree * Two Letters of Recommendation * Application fee of 500 CZK * Any of the minimum qualifying English language test scores below (applies to non-native English speakers only): * TOEFL (550 on paper-based test, 213 on computer-based, 80 on Internet-based) * CPE (B) * IELTS (7)When the complete application package has been recieved, applicants will be invited to an interview (conducted in person or by phone).Non-native English speakers meeting all requirements except for English proficiency (TOEFL score 500 - 525) may be provisionally admitted to AAU for one semester, after a successful interview; full acceptance is subject to the student's score in an English language test at the end of the first semester.Applicants who do not meet the required language test score can be accepted into our one-semester Intensive Academic English Program. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 7 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80

Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship

Anglo-American University rewards the most committed students of the BA journalism program for their contributions to the AAU student newspaper At the Lennon Wall. For Fall 2011 Spring 2012 academic year, the scholarship will cover the tuition of the program's core classes, including but not limited to: Reporting I, Reporting II, Intro to Mass Communications, Feature Writing, International Reporting.

Candidates for The Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship must be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the degree programs required courses Reporting 1 and Reporting II.

Candidates are identified most importantly by their quality of writing and time committed to the student newspaper, At The Lennon Wall, and its website.

One to four students will be awarded the Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship each year to encourage a longer-term commitment to the Lennon Wall website, after completion of the Reporting classes. If only one student is awarded the scholarship, this student gets all four courses, while two students would share the scholarship (two courses each). If four students are awarded the scholarship, each would be awarded one class.

Candidates will be supported by the lecturers of the Reporting class and selected in agreement with the dean and faculty of the Journalism program.

Qualifying students are encouraged to submit a statement of interest by JULY 30, 2012 to the Associate Dean of the School of Journalism.

Merit-based Scholarship


1. Merit-based Scholarships are awarded to students who have already completed at least 48 ECTS credits or 24 US credits at AAU, for BA (Hons) in Comparative Business Law the requirement is 50 ECTS or 100 UK credits.

2. Merit-based Scholarship GPA is calculated cumulatively since the beginning of the studies of the program at AAU.

3. Merit-based Scholarship is awarded to students who have taken at least 4 courses the previous semester at AAU.

4. Students who register for the next semester prior to the end of the current semester are assigned the tuition that does not yet reflect the Merit-based Scholarship. This is calculated after the grades are in. Eligible students that have already paid the tuition will be given either the financial refund or tuition credit for future studies depending on their choice.

NOTE: The Merit-based Scholarship does not apply to the MBA program.




Need-based Scholarship

On very limited basis Anglo-American University may provide financial assistance to students in unexpected and extraordinary hardship. If situation like this rises student needs to apply in writing to the Provost with detailed explanation of the situation. The Provost will set up a commitee to address the situation. If the commitee feels that the circumstances justify the application it passes it to the President with its recommendation for final approval.

Roma Scholarship

Anglo-American University awards a yearly full scholarship to two Roma applicants that fulfill the admissions requirements. To keep the scholarship students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. These scholarships must be applied for during the admissions process.

Refugee Scholarship

Anglo-American University awards a yearly full scholarship to one applicant with refugee status in the Czech Republic that fulfills the admissions requirements. To keep the scholarship student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. This scholarship must be applied for during the admissions process.

Scholarship for Students with Physical Disabilities

Anglo-American University is happy to offer a yearly full scholarship to one student with disabilities. To keep the scholarship student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or. This scholarship must be applied for during the admissions process. Please be aware that the Anglo-American University campus is not wheelchair accessible.

Alumni Scholarship

These scholarships are offered to graduates of any programs of Anglo-American University, Anglo-American College, The New Anglo-American College in Prague and Anglo-American Institute of Liberal Studies. They apply to the first year only.





Alumni MBA Scholarship

MBA students are not eligible for any of the stipends above. Anglo-American University, however, offers annually 4 MBA stipends in the amount of 100 000 CZK to its alumni. Selection is based on the GPA solely. The scholarship must be applied for during the admissions process.

Special Scholarships

Anglo-American University offers other special scholarships which are following their approval at the Presidents Collegium - announced on an ad hoc basis.


The M.A. in Public Policy program was accredited by the Czech Republic Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on 30 May, 2007 (code number N6807) thereby qualifying graduates to apply for postgraduate Ph.D. programs at private and public universities in the Czech Republic, other EU countries, the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world.

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