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Berlin, Germany
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Berlin International University of Applied Sciences was founded as part of a growing international network of university campuses, offering students a cutting-edge, international study experience and an ideal preparation for careers in the increasingly globalised, modern business environment. Berlin International is built on the experience of offering courses from six different study areas in Berlin as part of the BAU Global Network. Since 2012, we have offered courses in Berlin, built our modern campus and started to welcome students to our own study programmes in 2014/15.

Berlin International is a non-profit institution designed to enrich the higher education landscape in Germany. Currently, BI consists of two faculties, the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Design. An expansion is planned for the mid-term future with regard to programmes in Preschool Education and Health Care (especially Senior Health Care).Internationality and interculturality are central features of the university. In Berlin - one of the most important metropolises in Europe - students and scholars from all over the world learn to deal with the challenges of a progressively globalising world. The language of instruction in all study programmes is English. Additionally, in order to further advance students' international career opportunities, language courses will be offered as elective courses. A central component of all study programmes will also be general skills training in areas such as presentation skills, self-organisation, intercultural communication, and business plan and concept development.

Our goal is to offer a challenging, innovative and practice-oriented education that advances the cultural and linguistic potential of our students. A good teacher-to-student and staff-to-student ratio will allow for individual support and close counselling of all students. With an English-language-based, interdisciplinary-oriented education, our students will gain excellent foundations for an international career.In addition to this strong focus on the education of our students, Berlin International also distinguishes itself from the majority of universities of applied sciences by placing an equally strong focus on excellence in research.

For this reason, our university features a stand-alone Research Institute located between and supporting our two faculties. At this institute, scholars from Berlin International and partner institutions cooperate on state-of-the-art research initiatives in the fields of design, economics, and social sciences. BI will swiftly become a unique and highly visible part of the higher education landscape in Berlin. We invite all interested students, researchers and institutional partners to contact us about opportunities for study, cooperation and exchange.

  • Business Administration Faculty

  • Design Faculty

About the City

It is no coincidence that Berlin has been chosen to host the new Berlin International University of Applied Sciences campus. Berlin is one of the most innovative and exciting cities in contemporary Europe, as well as the city that is most attractive and in demand specifically for university students. Berlin International's students will have the opportunity to learn about German culture, politics, history and daily life, and at the same time will be able to get to know their new home easily with the help of many internationally oriented businesses and services throughout the city. Also, life in Berlin is made easy for Berlin International students thanks to the opportunity to book a place in one of the university's student apartments.

Berlin is a city of science and research. More than 200,000 people from all over the world work, study and do research at more than 30 universities and 60 research institutions throughout Berlin. Excellent university and state libraries as well as museums provide a stimulating intellectual atmosphere. Berlin International University of Applied Sciences maintains partnerships with many universities and scientific institutions in Berlin, and organises joint activities for our students. The special atmosphere and charm of Berlin are a result of its very distinct urban character.

It is the largest and most lively urban centre in Germany - a hub of government, business and culture - and at the same time it is Germany's greenest city, with two large rivers, hundreds of parks and large forests that offer great opportunities to spend time outdoors. The city boasts more than 170 museums, many theatres, and three state operas. Throughout the year, festivals of music, theatre and cinema take place in Berlin. In addition, the city has become known all over the world for its young lifestyle, its night life, cafes and bars. Berlin has also become a centre of global fashion design, with large annual fairs such as the "Berlin Fashion Week".

  • Cost of living: Approx. 700-800 EUR
  • Free-of-charge internet access
  • Pick-up service from railway station / airport

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities within the university: Berlin International offers a scholarship programme for excellent students. Three university-internal scholarships are offered to students of the Bachelor's programme in Business Administration: one 50% scholarship and two 25% scholarships. Applications for scholarships are possible after a letter of acceptance has been received. For more information, please check our homepage or contact the Student Affairs Office.

Arrival support

Arrival support can be organised, if needed.

Services and support for international students: International students are assisted by our Students Affairs Officer with general, non-academic issues. An Internship Office assists students in finding fitting internship possibilities in Berlin or elsewhere (also internationally). Due to our excellent staff-student and professor-student ratio, each student will have the opportunity to receive help and assistance in academic and non-academic matters, if required. Cultural events and trips to get acquainted with Berlin and Germany are organised by the BI team. If students choose to live in the apartments provided by the university, English-speaking staff are available.

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