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Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: Aug 1, 2024
StudyQA ranking:1159 Duration:3 years

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Studying Business Administration at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences means acquiring common business knowledge, but also going far beyond that. Our programme is designed for internationally oriented students who aim to increase their competencies in intercultural and global management. Students gain broad knowledge and can gain experience in global and intercultural situations. At Berlin International, we focus on the cultural and intercultural aspects of international business. We have a modern understanding of management theories, linked to different regional peculiarities in management behaviour.
One of the special aspects of the Business Administration programme at Berlin International is the inclusion of a module dedicated entirely to comparative cultural studies with regard to the history and current business cultures of traditional and emerging markets (for example, due to the economic relationship between Turkey and Germany). As a consequence, students learn to observe and evaluate the importance of culture for business behaviour, and they will gain knowledge of the historical background of these countries. In addition, students will work on topics of International Management and Intercultural Business Communication during the main study period. They will contrast cultural values and oral and non-verbal patterns of written and spoken communication, and they will learn about intercultural negotiation processes and components of diverse business environments.
Another outstanding aspect of the Business Administration programme is its focus on the consumer side of the market. Thus, not only is marketing part of the programme as a basic lecture, but also as a major elective in the main study period. As a special module, Market-oriented Management is introduced in the basic study period, in which students learn to evaluate the market behaviour of customers and companies, and they learn about the use of big data to develop sustainable strategies. Students will gain broad knowledge about all aspects of common business administration sciences. Therefore, in the basic study period, lectures such as Management, International Business, Law, Economics, Human Resources Management, and Finance and Investment are offered. Later on, during the main study period, courses such as International Projects as well as Change Management, Business Simulation, International Economics, and Ethics and Academic Writing follow.
Business Administration at Berlin International offers different possibilities for intensive studies through a range of electives. Students may concentrate on more traditional aspects, such as Accounting and Controlling or Human Resources Management, or they may also choose more modern approaches, such as Digital Business and Digital Marketing.
In our didactic concept, we focus on small-group teaching, integrated cases and real-life business situations. We integrate project work and encourage an active learning environment. At Berlin International, we teach and work with students to promote their analytical thinking, to build up research competences and to develop academic thinking. All our courses are taught exclusively in English. An internship is an integral and obligatory component of our programme. During the internship, students work for about 10 weeks in a real business environment, thus deepening their theoretical knowledge by means of hands-on experience.
Last but not least, students who decide to study Business Administration at Berlin International have the benefit of a theory-rich programme. Furthermore, studying at a campus in the centre of Berlin, the entrepreneurial heart of Europe, can be combined with studying abroad. By becoming part of the BAU Global Network, students will have ample opportunities to easily arrange a study-abroad stay in Istanbul, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Hong Kong, Rome, or Washington DC.

Educational organisation

The Business Administration programme at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences is divided into two periods, one basic study period (semesters 1-3) and one main study period (semesters 4-6). All information about the programme itself, structure and course content is available in our module manual (
On the one hand, the programme is structured like common Business Administration programmes. Thus, introductory courses covering essential topics such as Management, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Controlling, Law, Micro- and Macroeconomics, Human Resources Management, Organisation Science, Finance and Investment, Business Ethics, and Research Methods are taught during the basic study period. The methods used in the courses differ, but all involve small-group work, and all are conducted in a seminar style. Thus, working with textbooks, reading literature, discussions, group work, presentations, arithmetic tasks, and so on, are used in addition to classical lectures.
Special aspects of the Business Administration programme at Berlin International in the basic study period are, firstly, the accomplishment of a narrow, guided but individual, small research project taught in the module Research Methods. Secondly, the topic of comparative cultural studies with regard to the history and current business cultures of traditional and emerging markets. Thirdly, the joint attendance at interdisciplinary courses as part of the General Vocational Practice, together with students from the Faculty of Design at Berlin International. In courses such as "Design Management", students from both faculties can share their experiences and perspectives.
The main study period is characterised by international aspects of management. Hence, topics like International Change Management, International Economics, or Projects of International Management are discussed. Additionally, to frame the internship in the fifth semester, courses such as Business Case Studies as well as Business Simulation are taught. At Berlin International, semesters four to six form the main study period. Again, methods used in the courses are different, but all have a seminar style. Thus, reading literature, discussions, group work, presentations, arithmetic tasks, and so on, are used in addition to classical lectures. Deepening the knowledge and competences acquired in the course on comparative cultural studies during the basic study period, Intercultural Business Communication is taught during the main study period.
Our electives courses are all structured in a similar way. First, there is an introduction to special aspects of the subject of the particular elective. Afterwards, a project on special topics follows. The projects are carried out with real cases and real problems. Students research the topic and the company, write a paper, and present the results to the class. The last part of the elective study programme is always a seminar. Students are required to write a scientific paper, present the paper in class, and discuss the topics and results with the class.
A Business Simulation course is offered in the last semester. In this course, we work with a cloud-based, complex programme to simulate real business decision situations. Here, students can use and apply their knowledge of all business administration subjects to see the consequences of decisions and the connection between different issues in management.
The last semester is also devoted to choosing a topic for the Bachelor's thesis. The Bachelor's thesis is a scientific paper, approx. 40 pages in length. In the thesis, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their analytical and scientific knowledge and the competences gained throughout the programme.

Study abroad unit(s)

A stay-abroad period is not obligatory for students of the Business Administration Programme at BI. Since Berlin International University of Applied Sciences is a part of the BAU Global Education Network, study-abroad experiences at other BAU universities or campuses in Istanbul, Washington DC, Rome, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, or Toronto are strongly encouraged and easily arrangeable.


An internship of approx. 10 weeks (15 credits) is to be completed by the end of the fifth semester. Programme advisers and a staff member at the Internship Office will assist students in finding an appropriate internship in Germany or abroad.

Forms of assessment

The Business Administration programme at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences comprises 180 ECTS. Examinations vary and include written and oral tasks, as well as a Bachelor's thesis. Details are described in our online module handbook (

Course objectives

In today's world, all companies who are active locally, nationally or globally have to deal with permanent changes in their business and the market environment. In order to succeed, they need employees who are professionally qualified, trained in analysis and focused on the key issues of successful business strategy and operation. Due to the diversity of customers and the different opportunities in the global business world, employees need internationally oriented knowledge and practical and theoretical experience in complex international contexts. The Bachelor of Arts Programme in Business Administration at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences teaches these exact skills. Therefore, our students are ideally qualified to succeed in the global business environment of today.

Language requirements

Applicants must provide proof of their English skills: TOEFL 537 (paper-based), 74 (Internet-based), IELTS 6, FCE B. If the applicant's English skills are not sufficient at the point of application, an English language preparatory course (one to two semesters) may be taken at BI.

Academic requirements

  • Abitur, Fachabitur or international equivalent (check ANABIN for country-specific regulations or consult us)
  • English language skills

If English language skills are not yet advanced enough, an English language preparatory course will be offered.

Enrolment fees

A one-time application fee of 100€ for EU Students and 250€ for non-EU Students

Costs of living

Approx. 700-800 EUR

Job opportunities

Berlin offers ample opportunities for a wide range of student jobs. German language skills are of advantage.

Funding opportunities within the university

Berlin International offers a scholarship programme for excellent students. Three university-internal scholarships are offered to students of the Bachelor's programme in Business Administration: one 50% scholarship and two 25% scholarships. Applications for scholarships are possible after a letter of acceptance has been received. For more information, please check our homepage or contact the Student Affairs Office.

Arrival support

Arrival support can be organised if needed.

Services and support for international students

International students are assisted by our Students Affairs Officer with general, non-academic issues. An Internship Office assists students in finding fitting internship possibilities in Berlin or elsewhere (also internationally). Due to our excellent staff-student and professor-student ratio, each student will have the opportunity to receive help and assistance in academic and non-academic matters, if required. Cultural events and trips to get acquainted with Berlin and Germany are organised by the BI team. If students choose to live in the apartments provided by the university, English-speaking staff are available.


Accommodation in single or double, fully equipped student apartments can be arranged. The building complex is situated in a quiet and safe residential area in south-west Berlin. The apartment building is well connected via the public transport system to the main campus and to all parts of the city. English-speaking staff are available.

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