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Vaasa, Helsinki, Finland
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About University

The Hanken School of Economics is a triple accredited Finnish business school located in Helsinki and Vaasa, Finland. The school was founded in 1909 under the name Högre Svenska Handelsläroverket and was given its current name in 1927. Hanken has two campuses, one in Helsinki and one in Vaasa.

Hanken has five departments: Accounting and Commercial Law, Economics, Finance and Statistics, Management and Organisation, Marketing. The School also has a Centre for Languages and Business Communication.

Studies in Swedish on the bachelor and master level at Hanken gives the student the choice of 10 different majors, Hanken currently offers eight master's degree programmes in English. Hanken offers PhD education within all of its 10 majors. The degree corresponds to four years of full-time study. Approximately one year consists of course work while the remaining part is focused on thesis work.

  • Department of Management and Organisation

    We at the Department of Management and Organisation strive to produce world-class research, to offer our students profound learning experiences, and to make significant contributions to the business community and to society more generally.

    We are approximately 60 faculty members from leading universities bringing a wealth of research, teaching and professional experiences. Additionally we have 10-20 international reserachers visiting the department every year to to give research talks, teach in the doctoral program and work in projects. Research seminars are organised at the department in Helsinki every other week.

    The department in Helsinki and Vaasa consists of four subjects:

    • Management and Organisation
    • Entrepreneurship and Management
    • Information Systems Science
    • Politics and Business

    and the Master's Programs

    • MIS&S - Master's Programme in International Strategy and Sustainability
    • Master's Programme in Business and Management (2015-2016)



Rankings and accreditation

Hanken MBA is an accredited executive MBA programme. There are different streams within the programme; Finance, International Management and Service and Relationship Marketing. The programme was awarded the AMBA accreditation in 2008. Hanken offers tailor-made courses to companies within the framework of Hanken & SSE Executive Education. Hanken & SSE Executive Education was founded in 2005 by Hanken and IFL at Stockholm School of Economics. Hanken School of Economics was ranked as the 67th best Masters in Management program in 2015 by the Financial Times.


EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) is an international programme for the assessment of European education in economic and business sciences. Hanken was awarded the EQUIS accreditation in 2000. The accreditation was renewed in 2005. The accreditation proves that Hanken meets the highest requirements of quality in teaching, research, internationalisation and co-operation with the business community. Moreover, it indicates that Hanken creates and disseminates knowledge of the highest standard and that Hanken actively collaborates with its surrounding society.


Hanken was awarded the AMBA-accreditation in 2008.[9] The accreditation demonstrates that Hanken MBA holds the highest international standard.


Hanken was awarded AACSB accreditation in November 2015. Hence, Hanken obtained the Triple accreditation by being accredited by all EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.

Students life

Associated costs in Finland are lower than in many other European countries: when entering, students must show that they have at least 560 euros per month for its own needs in their possession. This is the absolute minimum, approved by the immigration authorities, but it is recommended to have a supply (700-900 euros).



University services

The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics, SHS, was founded in 1909. During the years the union has carried a great variety of names and been engaged in many different fields of activity. SHS received its current status as a veritable students’ union in 1975, in the process of a university reform. The union is today an independent public juridical entity, regulated by the decree on students’ unions.

Membership of the Student Union

SHS is a provider of service for and a supervisor of the interests of its 2000 members. All students at Hanken are members of the union – a membership that entitles different benefits, such as health service at the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS and discount on train, bus and flight tickets.

Possibilities to Influence Through the Student Union

The Student Union has student representatives in most organs at Hanken. The task of the representatives is to ensure that the student voice is heard in decision-making concerning the students. The majority of the representatives are appointed by the Board of the Student Union, with exceptions for the representatives in the University Council, the Board of Hanken and the Vaasa Campus Committee.


Why study here?

The mission of HANKEN, a leading autonomous business school in northern Europe, is to advance new knowledge in business and society

  • through research and teaching activities which are characterised by academic excellence and corporate world relevance,
  • through a programme portfolio that is targeted to an international student body simultaneously safeguarding Hanken's statutory responsibility for educating business graduates that are fluent in Swedish,
  • through current research-based management education that fosters analytical and critical thinking as well as managerial competencies, and
  • through executive education and life-long learning that have a profound impact on management practice.
  • In fulfilling its mission, HANKEN fosters values of openness, social responsibility, integrity and high quality in all activities.

The Vision Statement of Hanken School of Economics

HANKEN is an acknowledged research-intensive business school with a distinctive profile in research and education. HANKEN is well known for its international orientation, its creation of new knowledge, its internationally competitive graduates and its close interaction with the global academic and business communities.


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