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Oldenburg, Germany
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The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg was founded in 1973, making it one of Germany‘s young universities. Its goal is to find answers to the major challenges society faces in the 21st century – through interdisciplinary, cuttingedge research.

The pathways on the Oldenburg campus are short: the University‘s academic staff and administrative staff work closely together, using an interdisciplinary approach. Many are integrated into special research areas, research groups and European clusters of excellence.

The University cooperates closely with more than 200 other universities worldwide and is also affiliated with non-university institutes in the areas of research, education, culture and business.

The University of Oldenburg is preparing 16,000 students for professional life. It offers a broad range of disciplines, from language studies, cultural studies and the humanities to educational sciences, art and musicology, the economic and social sciences, mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences and the new medicine and health science programmes established in 2012.

Your time at the University of Oldenburg is about more than working and studying. Discover the many cultural and recreational activities offered by the University and the City of Oldenburg or get involved in other ways. Use the vouchers (Kultour und Sport) in your welcome folder to try something new and get to know what's on offer. 

Theatres, museums, libraries, art associations – there is much on offer from both public and private cultural organisations and initiatives from the City and University of Oldenburg. Culture for viewing, listening or taking part. 

Oldenburg is a good place to live. Our small city with more than 169,000 inhabitants is located in the northwest of Germany between the North Sea, Hamburg and the Dutch border. The North Sea shapes the climate: in summer it is not too hot, in winter not too cold.



The University of Oldenburg offers various opportunities for international and German students to get to know each other. You are very much welcome as a participant or a volunteer. 

Our Intercultural Meet-Up provides an informal setting for international students and German students to meet at regular events such as Game Nights or the International Dinner.

Our Buddy programme matches a local student with an international student.

Our "Uni-Lotsen" (Integration Pilot Service for Foreign Students) support international students, e.g. they help with proof-reading your academic papers and offer an "International Coffee Hour" on a regular basis.

You would like to improve your German language skills with a native speaker? Join our sprachtandem project and help a native German speaker with your language, and your German partner practices German with you. Sprachtandem

The Language Café is an informal way to practice a foreign language. 

Want to study as effectively as possible? Are you interested in leveraging additional learning and working strategies?

The Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB) and the Psychological Counselling Service (PBS) offer a wide range of interdisciplinary workshops and information events designed to help you drive your personal development as well as move forward with your studies.

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