Literature Degree

If you are interested in the culture of a certain country, or simply like literature, you should consider applying for a degree in literature, whether it is literature of certain country (for example, English literature), or not. During the education process Literature students learn to analyze texts, the basics of literary criticism, and also learn to create literary works. The study of literature is closely connected with history, political studies and philology, and students will also gain knowledge in these fields of science.

Gained skills

As any other Humanities discipline, Literature teaches its students to think critically and to analyze received information. Students also receive great oral and written communication skills while studying Literature. If you have chosen a program dedicated to literature of certain country, you will also leave the university with proficiency in the language of this country.

Career options for Literature Graduates

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Literature can start their career in any area connected with language and communicating - for example, one of the most popular career paths for Literature graduates is journalism and media. Graduates can also apply for a job in publishing area. After completing a Bachelor's degree, you can also continue your education in any discipline related to Literature: Linguistics, Modern Languages, Philology.

Study programs

You can find a variety of study programs dedicated to Literature using our website, for example,   MA Film and Literature in University of York, UK,  MA English Literature in Kingston University, UK, or MA English Literature in University of Nottingham, UK. Use Search to find more interesting programs.

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