American Studies

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: Apr 1, 2025
StudyQA ranking:4731 Duration:2 years
American Studies Leipzig combines social science and humanities approaches to explore the society, culture, history, literature, and politics of the United States in their international and transcultural contexts.
Interdisciplinarity plays an important role in our programme. For their MA, students do not merely add up classes in American history, literature, and linguistics. Instead, thematic modules integrate these different approaches to provide truly innovative learning and knowledge. The programme allows students to focus on American studies without requiring them to take an additional major or minor.
The Leipzig Model for American studies combines classroom interaction, research-driven projects, practical learning, and professional training. It prepares students for personal and professional advancement by encouraging expertise about a key region in the world, by practising international and transcultural skills, and by building a well-founded confidence to engage professional learning and development beyond the university.
Two professional skills modules help students to integrate research and classroom learning into project-driven applications of acquired knowledge and skills. For example, students prepare an international conference focussing on the United States in a global context. As part of their curriculum, MA students also edit one issue of "aspeers", Europe's first and currently only graduate journal for American studies.

Educational organisation

In the first semester, students are provided with the academic skills and tools necessary to prosper during their graduate studies. These consist of three independent and reinforcing modules:
  • methods and theories of American studies
  • a graduate colloquium introducing students to the diversity of the field and its cutting-edge themes
  • a professional skills module that includes students working on "aspeers", Europe's only graduate journal of American studies

After the first semester, students can combine modules to create their own tailor-made interdisciplinary specialisation depending on their personal and professional interests and goals. These modules include:
  • Difference and Literature
  • Immigration, Ethnicity, and Citizenship
  • Media and Society in a Transatlantic Context
  • Consumption, Culture, and Identity
  • Comparative Religion and Culture
  • Inter-American Studies and Latino Cultures
  • Political Cultures in a Transatlantic Context
  • The Transatlantic Space
  • Picador and Fulbright seminars and lectures

All MA modules stress international knowledge, placing the United States in a transatlantic and global context. We work with colleagues in a wide variety of other fields, including sociology, literature, political science, history, religious studies, economics, journalism, cultural studies as well as European and Latin American studies.

Part-time studies are possible.

Study abroad unit(s)

Study abroad is strongly encouraged at American Studies Leipzig and possible at one of our nine partner universities in the US and through study abroad networks (for example, Erasmus+, the Utrecht Network and MAUI/AEN). Students can earn credit for an individual seminar or a complete module through our professional skills modules or by integrating study abroad as part of their course work for any of the programme's transdisciplinary modules. Credits earned abroad can be accredited to the MA degree by the Institute.


Professional internships are strongly encouraged. These are prepared in close coordination with Institute faculty to assure the integration of professional experience and advanced academic learning. Students can earn full module credit for an internship.

Forms of assessment

Students receive a grade for each module. The assessment is typically based on a research paper and a presentation.
Student also receive a comprehensive grade for the entire Master's programme. This consists of the average of grades received for the modules, plus the grade received for the Master's thesis.

Course objectives

The MA prepares graduates for professional international careers in fields including academia, cultural affairs, media, international and non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and politics.
The MA in American Studies equips graduates with the critical skills they need to actively engage and contribute to scholarship reflecting the diversity of American Studies. Research seminars, projects, and professional skills modules empower students to produce new knowledge and thereby help them develop sophisticated conceptual, analytical, and applied research skills. Presentation skills are practised throughout the programme.

Language requirements

Evidence of English skills corresponding to the C1 level of the Common European Reference Frame at time of enrolment.

Academic requirements

Bachelor's degree or equivalent
There is a three-tier admission process for international students. Application instructions can be found at:
Please note that the deadline for international applications generally falls in the month of April/May. Specific dates can be found at the above website.

Enrolment fees

Currently, students have to pay 197.50 EUR enrolment fee per semester. This fee covers student services (83 EUR), a semester ticket for public transportation (113 EUR), and the mobility fund (1.50 EUR).

Costs of living

Approx. 500 to 700 EUR per month to cover personal expenses

Job opportunities

Leipzig offers many job opportunities. These can be found in the service sector, the business sector, logistics (both DHL and Amazon operate from Leipzig), at the Leipzig trade fair, in tourism and branches relating to language and education.
Students can also apply for part-time work at the university.

Funding opportunities within the university

Funding for study abroad is available through PROMOS scholarships and cooperation agreements between the University of Leipzig and over 40 universities worldwide.

Arrival support

Before arrival, members of the entering MA class are individually contacted by the American Studies team to help prepare their arrival in Leipzig. Upon arrival in Leipzig, students receive an in-depth introduction to the MA programme and to Leipzig during an orientation week.

Services and support for international students

A detailed orientation week is held at the beginning of each winter semester to integrate students academically and personally at Leipzig University and the Institute for American Studies.
Students are also provided with an individual mentor during the first semester to handle various academic, professional, and personal concerns. This mentoring programme continues for the students until the conclusion of their graduate programme.
The Institute's international coordinator and Leipzig University's International Centre offer counselling services for study abroad.
The student council also offers counselling for academic and personal concerns.


Accommodation is abundant, diverse, and very affordable. Choices range from "Jugendstil" apartments, to student residence halls and shared apartments (Wohngemeinschaften).

Useful websites for finding accommodation include the following:
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