Dental Postgraduate studies (DPDS)

Study type:Part-time Languages: English
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This distance-learning programme is a unique form of dental postgraduate education, designed to be attractive to busy dental practitioners.

From a choice of seven four-month units, you must successfully complete three units to achieve the Postgraduate Certificate (CPDS) or six units to achieve the Postgraduate Diploma (DPDS). Each unit provides a structured programme involving reading, writing and educational participation, totalling 200 hours' academic work, including study days and assessment.

This method of study is not led by teachers in a classroom but is supported by tutors and administration at a distance, offering the flexibility to suit your personal needs. The units are specially written for the programme and are designed to be interactive, giving you the opportunity to think and learn for yourself. Following successful completion of the DPDS, you may carry out a research project and prepare a dissertation to achieve the MSc.

Programme structure Programme material is either posted as modules via the internet in an Online Learning Environment. There are between one and four elements per unit and they contain assignments to be completed by the student. The units normally available are:

* Anxiety Managment
* Business Management Skills
* Law and Ethics
* Local Anaesthesia
* Endodontics
* Periodontics
* Surgical Skills 1

There are normally three compulsory study days per unit, usually held at weekends. These cover areas that do not lend themselves well to distant study, such as 'hands-on' sessions.

DPDS: BDS or other approved dental qualification and, ideally, you will have been qualified for at least three years. MSc: DPDS or equivalent. Students must be eligible for, or registered with, the General Dental Council. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 7 CAE score: (read more) Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is part of the Cambridge English suite and is targeted at a high level (IETLS 6.5-8.0). It is an international English language exam set at the right level for academic and professional success. Developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment - part of the University of Cambridge - it helps you stand out from the crowd as a high achiever. 75 (Grade B) TOEFL iBT® test: 100 IMPORTANT NOTE: Since April 2014 the ETS tests (including TOEFL and TOEIC) are no longer accepted for Tier 4 visa applications to the United Kingdom. The university might still accept these tests to admit you to the university, but if you require a Tier 4 visa to enter the UK and begin your degree programme, these tests will not be sufficient to obtain your Visa. The IELTS test is most widely accepted by universities and is also accepted for Tier 4 visas to the UK- learn more.

The University offers a number of scholarships and studentships to postgraduate students. Further information on funding for UK studentsand funding for international students is available.

In some cases, departments have access to programme-specific funding. We've provided some information about these options with the individual programme entries. However, we recommend that you also contact the department to which you are applying to enquire about any other possibilities, which they may be able to offer.

For the most up-to-date external funding opportunities for taught and research students please see postgraduate studentships.


A distinguished heritage

The University of Bristol has had a reputation for innovation since its founding in 1876. It was the first institute of higher education in the country to admit women on an equal basis with men and in 1946 established the UK's first university drama department. More recently, the University has influenced many aspects of our lives through life-changing research in areas such as cot death prevention and 3G mobile technology innovation.

Investing in the future

We aim to give you the best student experience possible and we continually invest in new and existing facilities, training, technology and services. We offer a high-quality, research-led education that encourages independence of mind. Studying at university is a significant investment and we will ensure that you are prepared for your chosen career. A Bristol degree is highly attractive to employers and a sound investment in your future.

Outstanding people

We offer you the chance to explore your chosen subject with world-leading academics as well as other students who share your passion. We continually enhance our global reputation through our research and by recruiting the best academics. As a leading university, we attract students from all over the world, creating a rich and exciting international community.

A wealth of opportunity

The University is small enough to feel warm and friendly, with personal tutors, student health and welfare services, and accommodation wardens to support you, but big enough to provide outstanding extra-curricular opportunities. There are hundreds of student societies that will give you opportunities to broaden your horizons and forge lifelong interests and relationships.

A green university

The environment is high on our agenda. We were the first university to take part in the Green Impact Awards, a scheme to reduce collective environmental impact, and one of only eight UK universities selected to take part in a pilot for the Green Academy programme to make sustainability part of the curriculum. We have also won accolades for our energy efficiency, our transport planning and our environmentally innovative

The university for you

By coming to Bristol, you will share in our proud heritage and help shape our future. We hope that when you see all that Bristol has to offer, you will decide that this is the place for you.

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