Economics and Business Administration — International Business and Management

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StudyQA ranking:5954 Duration:24 months


The focus area of the profile is International Business and Management. The profile in International Business & Management provides the students with an advanced understanding of the international business environment by developing global perspectives on business, informed by a deep understanding of the different national and cultural contexts in which firms operate.

Students on this profile will have greater knowledge within the main subjects in: Foundations of International Business, International Marketing Channels, Foundations of Organization, International Market Relations, Corporate Strategy & Design, and International Management.

Furthermore, the student will gain knowledge about and skills in using methods and tools which can support the firms relationship to the external environment and the interactions between firms, governments and society in an international context. Students will develop a vital understanding of the importance of the human agent (executive, manager and stakeholder) as the key business catalyst and examine the balance between people and process driven elements in an organisation.

The student will provide an essential understanding in key areas such as international business strategy and the management of people and organisations. Finally, the student will gain competences in managing operations in foreign markets e.g. sales subsidiary, joint ventures etc.

Career opportunities
The MSc programme in International Business and Management at Campus Odense gives you an excellent versatile foundation for future career opportunities. The courses offer a unique combination of theory and practice to ensure a solid theoretical basis and tools readily employable in your first job.

The competences obtained during the studies in Odense can be used in curriculum development, ranging from becoming an individual business entrepreneur, working as a specialist in large multinational companies or as a consultant internationally.

Whether you want a career as self-employed or as a manager in public or private companies this degree will boost your future career. You can, for example, work in discovery and research of new ideas to planning, management and realization of business concepts in Danish and international companies. With this programme you are qualified for a job in Denmark or abroad for example:

International Business & Management: Product Line Manager, Head of Foreign Operations

Study start 1st September

1st semester

* Foundations of International Business
* International Market Relations
* Foundation of Organization

2nd semester

* International Marketing Channels
* International Management
* Corporate Strategy & Organization Design

3rd semester

* Elective courses Max 30 ECTS

4th semester

* Masters thesis 30 ECTS

Limitation in admission capacity from 1 September 2014From 1 September 2014, we are unable to guarantee applicants admission to the programme MSc in Economics and Business Administration even if the applicant meets the entry requirements. In the case that you are admitted to the programme, we cannot guarantee that there is an admission place available for the profile you have chosen. If you wish to enhance your possibility of admission, it is important that you select a 2nd and 3rd priority when you apply for admission, in addition to the profile you have selected as your 1st priority. On this page you will find the entry requirements for admission to the programme MSc in Economics and Business Administration.The admission places are allocated to applicants belonging to three different groups according to specific criteria.Intake capacity:Intake for semester start 1 September 2014: 825 admission places Intake for semester start 1 February 2015: 300 admission places Intake total for the academic year 2014-2015: 1,125 admission placesTHE THREE GROUPS ARE DEFINED BASED ON THE BASIS FOR ADMISSIONGroup 1Applicants with a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark are guaranteed admission to this master programme within the first year of having completed the BSc.Group 2Other applicants from Danish universities (including CBS) who have passed a BSc in Economics and Business Administration or a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark with a degree older than one year are qualified for admission to the master programme.Other applicants from or a are qualified for admission to the master programme.Group 3Other educational backgrounds If the university evaluates that an applicant possesses comparable academic qualifications to those acquired with a BSc in Economics and Business Administration, thereby enabling the applicant to complete the program, the applicant may be admitted. The university may require that the applicant pass supplementary courses and/or exams prior to enrolment.In order for a degree to be deemed as having similar qualifications to those of the BSc programme in Economics and Business Administration, it must be a bachelor degree from a university. The programme must include 75 ECTS courses covering the disciplines within economics and business administration.This means that the following subjects must be included with the stipulated number of ECTS: * 5 ECTS Microeconomics or Managerial Economics * 5 ECTS Accounting * 5 ECTS Corporate Finance * 5 ECTS Marketing * 5 ECTS Organizational Theory * 5 ECTS Statistics * 5 ECTS Theory of Science and/or Scientific Methodology and Methods. This demand is fulfilled if the bachelor degree is acquired at a university * 5 ECTS Methods for analysis of data (qualitative and/or quantitative. Collection of data may be a small part of this) * Additional 35 ECTS subjects within the area of business economics and business administrationApplicants with another basis for admission, for example a professional bachelors degree from Denmark or another country, may be admitted after an individual assessment. The applicants bachelor degree must cover the areas stipulated above and be of the same academic depth.In case the above requirements are not fulfilled, the applicant must pass additional tests and/or courses prior to enrolment in order for the applicant to obtain qualifications similar to those of the admission requirements. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 575 TOEFL iBT® test: 88

International students have the following scholarships options:
Please also check the information at the two official Danish educational websites:

Please notice that we unfortunately do not offer scholarships for undergraduate students.

Options for full-degree graduate students:
Danish Government Scholarship Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher EducationThe Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has launched a scholarship programme for students from non-EU/EEA countries studying a full degree at graduate level. Scholarships and tuition fee waivers are available for highly talented students who have been admitted to a range of programmes.

The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has launched a scholarship programme for students from non-EU/EEA countries studying a full degree at graduate level. Scholarships and tuition fee waivers are available for highly talented students who have been admitted to a range of programmes.

The board of the University of Southern Denmark decides from year to year which study programmes will benefit from the scholarships and the University will recommend the most qualified applicants in these programmes for a scholarship. Therefore it is not possible to apply for this scholarship. If you are a non-EU student and applying for a programme which offers this scholarship you will automatically be considered for it.

BHJ Scholarship
Only available for students applying for a master programme at our Sønderborg Campus

Six one-year scholarships are issued pr. year: three for studies within the technical field i.e. Mechatronics and Innovation & Business respectively, and three are for studies within the field of business administration i.e. Business Relationship Management.

A scholarship of DKK 40.000 may be granted if and when the requirements are met. It is paid in two instalments of DKK 20.000 per semester. The scholarship grant depends on acceptance and enrolment as a full-time student in one of the above mentioned programmes.
For more information please visit BHJ Foundation Page

20 scholarships for MSc in Engineering

Options for Exchange and Guest Students:
Danish Government Scholarship for Foreign Nationals (the Cultural Agreements) Danish Government Scholarships for Foreign Nationals
The scholarship helps cover living expenses.

Iki Wakabayashi Foundation (A scholarship which can be applied by all SDU students who are leaving for a period of exchange or internship in Japan - or similar for a Japanese student being enrolled at SDU)


The quality and relevance of the programme are accredited by the Danish Accreditation Institution.

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