International Production Engineering and Management

Study mode:Full-time Languages: English Duration:2 years
Deadline: May 1, 2021
StudyQA ranking:796
The double degree Master's programme of the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe and Università degli Studi di Trieste offers qualified graduates the possibility to acquire competencies in the fields of engineering, industrial engineering, and business organisation. This four-semester study programme includes one semester abroad in Pordenone, Northern Italy.

During the first semester, participants can choose from a range of courses related to process engineering, industrial engineering, and management. One course either in business English or international management skills is obligatory. A course in Italian language for beginners is optional. All courses are held in Lemgo, Germany.
During the second semester in Pordenone, Northern Italy, students have to pass some fundamental courses related to the wood and furniture industry and some courses in industrial engineering.
In the third semester, participants can deepen their knowledge in woodworking and wood technology or choose additional courses in the field of process or industrial engineering or production-oriented information technologies.
The following final semester is reserved for the Master's thesis. Besides the Master's thesis, students have to undertake a scientific internship and must attend an academic seminar on international production management.

Educational organisation

First semester (Lemgo):
(Choice min. one of two): Advanced Business English (E - 5) - International Management Skills (E - 5)
(Free Choice): Prozessstabilisierung (G - 5) - Lasertechnik (G - 5) - Organisation (G - 5) - Wirtschaftsrecht (G - 5) - Human Resources (E - 5)
Students can also select five courses from the third semester course plan.

Second semester (Pordenone):
Product Design and Engineering (E - 6) - Production Planning and Control (E - 6) - Special Machineries and Processes (E - 6) - Materials and Technologies (E - 6) - Operations Management (E - 6)

Third semester (Lemgo):
(Choice two of four): Strategic Management (E - 5) - IT-Systems in Production Management (E - 5) - Data Structure for Production Technology (E - 5) - Industrial Costing (E - 5)
(Choice two of four): Non Destructive Material Testing (E - 5) - Industrial Bonding Technologies (E - 5) - Rapid Technologies (E - 5) - Automated Complex Installations (E - 5)
(Choice 2 of 4): Advanced Production Technologies and Optimisation (E - 5) - Advanced Wood Based Materials (E - 5) - Advanced Surface Technologies (E - 5) - Innovation Management (E - 5)

Fourth semester (Lemgo and Pordenone):
Seminar "International Production Management" (E - 6) - Scientific Internship (G/E/I - 6/6/8) - Master's Thesis (E - 18)

(Language: G=German, E=English, I=Italian - ECTS: Credits)

Study abroad unit(s)

Participants spend the second semester of the programme at the Università degli Studi di Trieste, department Consorzio Universitario di Pordenone in Pordenone, Northern Italy.


The scientific internship, a total of four weeks in the fourth semester, can be undertaken either in laboratories of the universities or in scientific installations of nearby industry. Programme advisers will assist students in finding an appropriate internship.

Forms of assessment

Mostly written or oral examinations
One seminar in the last semester
Examinations also via video conference with other partners

Course objectives

The educational objective of the degree course is to enable graduates to take up leading positions particularly in the medium-sized manufacturing industry. On the course, students will acquire competencies in the fields of engineering, industrial engineering, and business organisation. Starting with production planning and development, the knowledge and methods imparted also encompass process planning and development, supply chain formation, and the subsequent production of, in particular, products made of wood, wood-based materials, metal, and plastic.

Language requirements

Applicants must provide proof of their English skills. Knowledge of the English language must be documented by one of the following tests or certificates with the indicated minimum score or result:
TOEFL paper-based: 550
TOEFL internet-based (ibt): 80
TOEFL computer-based: 213
TOEIC: 750
or another similar test (level B2)
If your first cycle of studies was completely in English, it will be sufficient to send a confirmation from your university.

A complete course of study in the English language is possible. Additional courses are given in the German language. A basic knowledge of the Italian language is helpful for daily life in Pordenone. An optional Italian language course is offered.

Academic requirements

Bachelor's degree in engineering or industrial engineering, in particular: process engineering, mechanical engineering - only with focus on production/manufacturing engineering or industrial engineering, technical logistics, engineering and business, production engineering, wood engineering, wood technology

Enrolment fees

Approx. 250 EUR for each semester held in Lemgo (first, third, and fourth semesters)

Approx. 200 EUR for a social service contribution

Costs of living

Approx. 670 EUR per month to cover personal expenses including accommodation

Funding opportunities within the university

Studienfonds OWL offers funding for excellent international students. Recipients receive approx. 300 EUR per month.

Arrival support

Please stop by the international office any time for a visit. We will be glad to explain things to you and show you that breaking down cultural barriers and the experience of learning new languages are much easier than you think! Our services in short are:
  • Pick-up service from the train station (on request)
  • Help with enrolment
  • Accompanying new students to public offices, banks, health insurance companies, etc.
  • Support in looking for accommodation
  • Tours of the city
  • Introduction to the university and important facilities (student restaurants, internet room, library, etc.)
  • Support with simple organisational tasks (obtaining furniture, buying a bicycle, etc.)
  • Help with visa and residency issues
  • Various extracurricular activities (see itinerary of forthcoming dates and events)

Services and support for international students

The staff of the international office and of the participating departments will be pleased to help you. At both study locations - Lemgo and Pordenone - student advisers support new incoming students. Additionally, enrolled students at both universities provide useful support. Two coordinating professors provide backup advice.


Accommodation in Lemgo is available on the private market (approx. 250 EUR) or through the international office with the following two offers:

Student hall of residence "Luettfeld":
The standard apartments (13 sqm) are furnished, incl. bathroom and shower and a small kitchenette, and cost 175 EUR including utilities (bring your own bed sheets, pillows and blankets and kitchen equipment).
Bigger apartments shared with other students vary between 180-230 EUR per person.
One month's rent is required in advance as a security deposit.

Private student hall of residence "Haus Baule":
Furnished rooms are all equipped with access to computer, TV and phone.
Some rooms have a kitchenette and a bathroom (bring your own bed sheets, pillows and blankets and kitchen equipment).
A standard room of 12 sqm costs approx. 210 EUR including utilities.
One month's rent is required in advance as a security deposit.
To make a reservation, please send an e-mail to Ms K Rosemann at

In Pordenone, all incoming students are accommodated in private apartments. Single and double rooms are available at a cost of about 250 EUR per person. Rooms have a bathroom and there is a shared living room and kitchen service (bring your own kitchen equipment). Furnished rooms are all equipped with free Internet access. The student cafeteria is located close to the residence.
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