Modern Studies

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The program is dedicated to several key aspect of the modernity: political concepts, ideas and institutions, the modern economic mechanism, evolutions in international relations in 17th-19th century, the political, social and cultural secularisation. The specific case of the Romanian modernization is analysed in all the mentioned aspects and represents a major aspect in this program. The courses and seminaries are studying modernity in all its stages, from early modernity of 16th-17th centuries to the contemporary world. The program is organized in collaboration by the Chair of World History and the Chair of Romanian History.

Study program

* Industrial revolution, agent of liberalism

* Church, State and Society in modern Romania

* Romania and the European power: 1878-1947

* Political typologies in modern Romania

* Communism versus fascism. Political conflict and academicals competition

* Balcanic Romanians at home and in Diaspora

* Romanian society modernization (XIX-XX c.)

* The last century of the oriental problem (1804-1918)

* War and peace in the European history (1870-1945)

* Romania between East and West : 1920-1989

* The stranger in the Romanian society (sec. XIX-XX). A case study: the Italian community

* Nations and nationalisms in Europe (XIX-XX c.)

* Industrialization in Russia (1700-1861)

* Western influences on the Romanian society in the second half of the XIXth c.

* Modern political philosophy (sec. XIX-XX)

* Culture and society in modern Romania

* Modernization, social criticism and development models in East Europe (sec. XIX-XX)

* The typology of the political regimes in south-east Europe in XIXth. C.

* Art and society in modern Romania

* Arcana Imperi and the last golden age of the secret diplomacy: the international system in the XIXth century

* Practical seminary

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