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  • English
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  • 1972pts.
  • Duration:
  • 3 years

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    The Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments MSc and PhD Programs at AGU emphasizes advanced graduate education for cutting-edge research. Our research focuses on current high-growth fields like optics, photonics, nanotechnology, biomedical and bioinformatics, information and communications technology, power systems engineering, energy, control and automation.

    All graduate students are encouraged to participate in funded research projects where they are supported as full-time research assistants. Research projects are funded by TUBITAK, BAP, EU Framework Programs and industry. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for TUBITAK 2211 and TUBITAK 2215 scholarships. Internal funded scholarships will also be available for highly qualified candidates. 

    We believe that Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) MSc and PhD program at AGU will build its reputation based on the quality of its faculty members and graduate students. Bright, motivated and ambitious graduate students with renowned professors in their field will help to develop one of the best ECE programs. 

    Come and join us to build up a successful career at AGU!

    Electrical and Computer Engineering MS and PhD Program Course ListFALL and SPRING TERM

    * Seminar
    * Advanced Engineering Mathematics
    * Linear Systems
    * Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
    * Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    * Photonics
    * Flat Panel Display Technologies
    * Laser Engineering
    * Nanophotonics
    * Semiconductor Device Fundamentals
    * Semiconductor Process and Device Fabrication
    * Fiber Optic Communication
    * Fund. of Bio-­-Micro-­-Electro-­-Mechanical Systems
    * Geometrical Optics
    * Quantum Mechanics for Engineers
    * Nature of Quantum Information
    * Biomedical Imaging
    * Bioinformatics
    * Biomedical Instrumentation and Signal Analysis
    * Physiology for Engineers
    * Neural Engineering
    * Computational Genomics
    * Random Processes
    * Scientific Computing
    * Detection and Estimation Theory
    * Digital Signal Processing
    * Data Mining
    * Artificial Intelligence
    * Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
    * Computer Networks
    * Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications
    * Image Processing
    * Artificial Neural Networks
    * Variable Reluctance Machines
    * Resonant Power Converters
    * Advance Electrical Machine Theory
    * Advance Power Electronics
    * Nuclear Energy Engineering
    * Nuclear Electronics and Instrumentation
    * Nonlinear Control
    * Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
    * Sliding Mode Control in Electromechanical Systems
    * Model Based Fault Diagnosis
    * Master
    * Thesis
    * Research Hours
    * Informatics Theory
    * Network Informatics Theory
    * Best Supervision Theory
    * Game Theory
    * Electromagnetic Wave Radiation
    * Antenna Theory
    * Adaptive Filter Theory
    * Radar and Sonar Systems
    * Remote Detecting
    * Robot Systems
    * Computer Aided Supervision Techniques
    * Advanced Electronic Circuits
    * Integrated Circuit Design
    * Advanced Wide Ranging Integrated Circuit Advanced Design Techniques
    * Microprocessor System Design
    * Specific Studies in Electrical-­-Electronics Engineering
    * Advanced Topics in Data Mining
    * Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
    * Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
    * Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics
    * Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications
    * Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture
    * Advanced Topics in Computer Networks
    * Advanced Topics in Video Surveillance
    * Advanced Topics in Cryptography
    * Advanced Topics in Database Systems
    * Specific Studies in Computer Engineering
    * Advanced Topics in Bio-­-MEMS
    * Advanced Topics in Photonics
    * Control Algorithms for Quantum Objects
    * Brain Dynamics
    * Seminar
    * Doctoral Proficiency Exam
    * Doctoral Thesis Study
    * Specialization Field Course

    Program requirements


    Admission Requirements: * B. Sc. degree from Electrical and Computer Engineering or a related field
    * 2.20 or greater cumulative grade point average (GPA)
    * ALES >= 70 or GRE Quantitative >= 708
    * *English Requirement: YDS: 70 or TOEFL-PBT >= 561 or TOEFL-CBT: 221 or TOEFL IBT:84
    * Letter of Intend
    * 2 Reference Letters
    * Evaluation by Interview (it "may" include oral or written exam).

    *English test requirement is waived if the candidate is graduated form a program whose
    education language is 100% English in the last 3 years.

    The Abdullah Gül University offers a full scholarship (covering 100% of the tuition fees) to the top 10% of our international students.

    Moreover AGU also provides:

    -Free top-quality laptop computers during you time in AGU
    -Constant support and help (regarding immigration, academic, daily life matters, etc.) 

    The scholarship is open to all students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree program in Turkey on the following conditions:

    -Applicants should be non-Turkish citizens. Applicants who hold dual citizenship with Turkey are not eligible to apply.
    -Applicants should have medal(s) in the International Science Olympiads.
    -Applicants who hold a high school diploma or who are currently enrolled in their last year of high school are eligible to apply for scholarship on the condition that they should enroll in an undergraduate program related to topic of the Olympiad.
    -Medal winners who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in Turkey are also eligible for the scholarship on the condition that they are enrolled in an undergraduate program related to topic of the Olympiad. 

    The scholarship will consist of:

    -A monthly stipend of 1.000 Turkish Liras (TL)
    -Tuition fee (up to 2,000 Turkish Liras (TL))
    -The scholarship lasts four to six years depending on the duration the undergraduate degree program enrolled.
    -All scholarship awardees who successfully complete an undergraduate program will be rewarded scholarship for graduate program on the condition that they are admitted to a graduate program at a Turkish University.
    -Awardees must begin their undergraduate program within one year of having been notified of the award.

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