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The Degree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations in Barcelona is characterized by its balanced combination of theory and business practice. The faculty is composed of scholars who are in touch with business reality, a quality that allows them to present and discuss current problems in the classroom. Thus, ESERP guarantees that all knowledge learned has a working application in modern business.

The Undergraduate Degree is part of the European Higher Education Area, with ECTS credits, fostering the acquisition of skills and the development of attitudes such as initiative, teamwork or critical capacity.

To carry out the practical aspect, students have access to job opportunities in ESERP. Through it, they can register in a variety of offers that implement everything they have learned. This school keeps over 300 Educational Cooperative Agreements with Spanish and multinational companies and institutions. An excellent opportunity to thrive in a highly competitive job market.

Achieving Leadership Through a Global Perspective

The courses taught at ESERP offer students an integrated approach to business management, the company and its environment, stimulating the development of both strategic and operational skills.

Resolution to Problems and Real Case Studies

For the integration of students in the business world and the decision-making process, the education system implemented by ESERP is dynamic and active, using as a teaching tool, among others, the case and simulation method. Each student is actively involved both individually and in groups in the planning, development and resolution of up-to-date real practical case studies presented during the course, within an operational strategy of effective research and professional practice.

Theoretical-Practical Balance

For the continuous improvement of students who complete their studies in theDegree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations in Barcelona a teaching methodology is implemented, with proven success, which consists in the development of the practical aspects of a company, together with a suitable base of theoretical-practical knowledge that ensure a level of sound training in each of the subjects taught in the various courses offered at ESERP.

Dynamic, Personalized and Active Learning

The efficiency obtained by ESERP, as well as the implementation and development of its Curriculum, is done in a sustainable manner thanks to the individualized attention and follow-up given to the student. This monitoring is carried out thanks to the dedication of the Faculty, along with the Tutors, the Study Coordinators, the Research Department, the Job Bank, and the General Administration who work consistently for the student.

High Degree of Specialization

In order to maximize the content of the subjects comprising the curriculum, they are divided into semester courses so that each may be taught by an experienced teacher in the field, and provide students a higher degree of specialization. Thus, a more comprehensive and objective knowledge is achieved.

Program requirements

Students who meet one of the following requirements can access the University Degree programs by enrolling directly at ESERP:

University Admissions Tests (PAU) - Selectivity.

High-Level Technicians (CFGS and FPII) or equivalent qualifications.

University Admissions Tests for people over 25 years old.

University Admissions Tests for people over 45 years old.

People over 40 years old who have professional or work experience.

Students from foreign educational programs.

 Official University Degree, Diploma Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree or equivalent.

Students who meet any of the requirements described above should prove to have equivalent or superior knowledge of the English language, level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or pass a placement test in ESERP.

English level B1 ESERP testing will be held on July 15, September 9, October 8 and October 21.

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