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Toulouse Business School

Ecole de commerce de Toulouse

Toulouse, France
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Professionals today have to keep pace with the demands of a fast-changing business world. Toulouse Business School (TBS) is dedicated to providing its students with the analytical skills, professional network, and agility needed to adapt, innovate, and anticipate change. As part of an economic, cultural, and educational center at the heart of Europe, our students have the knowledge and network to succeed wherever their career takes them.

Through a broad core curriculum and multiple specialization areas, business education at TBS builds practical skills for the business world of today – and tomorrow. Explore TBS and its multilingual, multicultural, and interdisciplinary environment:

Specialized business education – At the core of TBS is our wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. We offer programs taught in French, English, or Spanish in the fields of management, business, marketing, finance, and aerospace management. We also offer elite executive education and specialized programs and function as a thriving center for business research. 

Global network – With 75 nationalities represented on our three campuses in Toulouse, Barcelona, and Casablanca, as well as 145 partner universities worldwide, TBS is a global institution with a welcoming environment for international students.

Dynamic corporate relations – Our distinguished research faculty features a teaching staff of 1,200 high-level professionals with diverse business sector experience. In addition, students in Toulouse can take advantage of our institutional connections to over one hundred multinational corporations including EADS, Alcatel Space, Motorola, Siemens, and Sony.

  • Management Control, Accounting and Auditing

    A fundamental knowledge of accounting and controlling is invaluable to all business professionals.  Thus, every TBS program - from our bachelor's and MBA programs to executive education - includes training in these subjects.

    The Department of Management Control, Accounting and Auditing also offers advanced courses in accounting, controlling, auditing and consulting for students who enroll in the following specialized options:

    The Diploma in Accounting and Management (DSCG) path within the Masters in Management program

    The Controlling, Governance and Risk Management professional option available within the Masters in Management program on our Toulouse and Barcelona campuses

    The Specialized Masters in Internal Audit and Management Control (ranked as the No.1 program in this filed in France in the SMBG/Best Masters 2011 ranking)

    Students in our programs develop technical expertise in accounting, management controll, and auditing.  They also cultivate interpersonal skills and a critical eye that will help them to be effective managers.

  • Economics, Finance and Business Law

    Training in economics and finance, largely taught in English, is featured in all programs, from the bachelor's and MBA programs to Executive Education, and across all TBS sites:

    Specialized Master's in Banking and Financial Engineering (registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications - Level 1)

    Specialized Master's in Asset Management

    Specalized Master's in Financial Engineering and Models

    Professional options withing the Advanced Finance path of the Masters in Management program:Toulouse campus

    Banking and Corporate Finance

    Banking and Financial Markets

    Sustainable Business (taught in English)

    Barcelona campus

    Financial Management

    The Economics and Finance Division also offers advanced academic and professional programs specially designed for students who intend to practice finance in a bank, insurance company, or other financial institutions, or in connection with financial markets (i.e. investment funds, private equity firms, corporate finance consulting firms)

  • Information, Operations and Management Sciences

    The Information Management Division gives students the tools and know-how necessary to actively participate in the information community.

    Our courses provide students with a thorough understanding of the relationship between technology and management. Through our courses, students develop the ability to think systematically and learn techniques for collecting and organizing data, implementing statistical processes, and presenting information.

    Learning Opportunities

    The division provides training in the following areas:

    The Mastery of IT Tools: as part of the Bachelor's and Master's in Management foundation courses

    Statistics and Data Modeling: fundamentals taught in all TBS programs; advanced courses offered in specialized programs (Finance and Marketing)

    Information Systems: as part of the core curriculum of the M1 Master's in Management program

    In addition, due to its interdisciplinary nature, the division actively participates in various specialized courses requiring specific knowledge or expertise in both statistical mathematics and finance in the management of new technologies

  • Marketing and International Business

    The Department of Marketing and International Business delivers high-quality training to students in TBS Bachelor's, Master's, MBA and Executive Education programs in order to enable them to meet today's challenges faced by marketers, including:

    increased global competition

    rapid obsolescence of products and services

    the continuing evolution of Information and Communication Technology and new media

    crises in mass consumption models and changing consumer behavior patterns

    marketing challenges regarding health and environmental crises

    the (r)evolution of distribution methods, access to goods and services

    The principle objective of the department is to provide training in the various fields of marketing, market share, and international development across all sectors and in all types of organizations (industrial or distribution companies, services providers, public institutions or associations, etc.).

  • CSR and Human Resources

    The Department of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resources trains future managers to contribute not only to a company's economic performance but also to its social responsibility.

    Managers today are tasked with more responsibilities than ever before - they are often involved in supervising staff, maintaining well-being and equality in the workplace, adhering to legal frameworks, managing conflict, motivating their teams, and much more.  Our department aims to give students the tools to organize, manage and promote leadership development in their teams, no matter their future profession.

    Learning Opportunities

    We offer specialized programs for future HR specialists who wish to secure high-level positions within companies (as experts in the fields of training, recruitment, social development, compensation, and operational HR managers) or who are interested in the field of HR consulting.

  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship

    Business managers must have a strong grasp of both strategy and entrepreneurship in order to identify, create, and develop opportunities for their companies.  The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship aims to train students to be effective decision makers who are able to anticipate and efffect change in their organization, as well as develop goal-oriented plans for the future.

    Learning Opportunities

    The department integrates curriculum and training modules dedicated to strategy and entrepreneurship into the Master's in Management program, Specialized Master's programs, Bachelor's and Capitolis programs, as well as across TBS campuses.  These courses are intended for students interested in careers working as entrepreneurs, corporate buyers, profit center managers, or other roles within support structures and SMEs.

Founded in 1903 by the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the initial mission of Toulouse Business School was to respond to the need in the local community for highly trained business leaders and personnel.

Originally housed in a 15th century monastery located in the city center of Toulouse, the school began as one of France’s prestigious Grandes Ecoles and was known as Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse (ESC Toulouse). ESC Toulouse offered a single graduate degree to a highly select group of students. The school later pursued a vigorous policy of program development and diversification, and renamed itself Toulouse Business School (TBS) to reflect its broader mandate.

Today, TBS is one of France’s leading integrated management schools, with a primary mission of preparing students for managerial responsibilities through the development of their analytical, integrative, and interpersonal skills while promoting a lifelong learning process. The international scope and academic tradition at TBS continues to evolve in exciting directions, with partnerships around the world and new degree programs taught on campuses in Barcelona and Casablanca.

Quality assurance and rankings – TBS offers internationally recognized degrees and is part of the prestigious 1% of business schools with the “triple crown” of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. TBS ranks among the top business schools in France, and our Master in Management program is among Europe’s top 20 (Financial Times, 2012(link is external)).

Toulouse is a busy student city, and accommodation fills up fast.  Incoming international students are therefore advised to reserve their accommodation as soon as they are accepted at Toulouse Business School. In order to assist students, TBS's International Student Office has put together an Accommodation Guide, below. 

This is a list of recommended student residences, agencies and private homes with which TBS works. Please read our important points below carefully before making your choice of accommodation and getting in touch with the residence you are interested in.

Some important points to remember before reserving accommodation:

Arrival (for students arriving for the Fall 2015 semester find out your start dates here)
Most student residences and agencies are closed on the weekends, so please arrange your arrival for a week day in order to be able to access your residence without delay.

Reserve accommodation from this list
It is highly recommended that you choose one of the accommodation options listed in this guide. Should you choose to find your own accommodation we will not be able to assist you should any problems arise.

Mention “Toulouse Business School” when you reserve
Remember to mention Toulouse Business School when contacting your choice of accommodation – we have partnerships with many which could mean discounted administrative fees for you.

Communicating with residences/agencies
Some websites are only available in French, but you can contact all listed residences/agencies in English. Where we have given you a contact name, contact this person directly. Don’t hesitate to contact TBS’s International Student Office should you need any clarification on information you have been sent.

Reservation Dates
Some residences may charge you to reserve your room in advance in order to keep it for you. For example, some residences will offer you a contract starting 15th August even if you do not arrive until after that date.  This is common practice as rooms can fill up quickly, but make sure you understand clearly the date of the beginning of your contract before you confirm your reservation that you don’t have any surprise costs when you arrive!

House insurance
This is mandatory for all residences. Insurance can be bought through most of the residences, or you can choose to take housing insurance through your bank when you open a bank account. Insurance through the bank is usually the cheaper option. It is a good idea to compare prices before you sign up for either.  The International Student Office can help you open a bank account and get house insurance.

Residences and TBS campuses
If you are a bachelor student your courses will be held on our Entiore campus which is just outside the centre of Toulouse. If you are a Masters in Management or MSc student your courses will be held on the Lascrosses campus which is situated in downtown Toulouse, very close to the centre.
As we consider that students would like to enjoy student life in Toulouse, most of the residences listed are situated around central Toulouse – but public transport to the Entiore campus from the centre of Toulouse and from all residences is not complicated.

Clubs & Associations

The Welcome Team

This association is here to welcome….YOU! We organise dinners, weekends and other social and informative events in order to make sure international students get well integrated into campus life, and to facilitate your stay.

BDE (Bureau des Elèves) Club

This club organizes parties, social gatherings, the Barcelona Week-End, an integration weekend, skiing trips, and more. 

BDS (Bureau des Sports) Club

Join teams and weekly training sessions for sports including football/soccer, rugby, volleyball, handball, swimming, fitness, boxing, and more.

BDA (Bureau des Arts) Club

The BDA Club offers various artistic and cultural activities. Weekly courses in singing, guitar, piano, drawing, theatre, and dance (including rock, modern jazz, ballet, hip-hop, samba, etc.) are taught by experienced professors. 

La Junior Entreprise, ESCadrille

Created in 1978, this club is part of the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE). It offers business students the unique opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through marketing research projects. Students create valuable network connections with businesses.

Sup d’Oeno

Sup d’Oeno has two goals: to make students more aware of wine and spirits, and to help them discover the beauty and diversity of local vineyards. The group organizes evening events, wine-tastings, weekend trips to local vineyards, and more.


This association offers students assistance and courses in computer technology and trouble-shooting. They also teach computer graphics, office automation, website creation, and provide you with an understanding of the evolution of computer science. The group also films and photographs all major TBS events.

Les Bronzés

This association lets you practice outdoor and “extreme” sports while being respectful to our environment. It is a partner of the Mountain Riders association, whose goal is to protect and preserve the environment.

Le Bureau Du Développement Durable (B3D)

The goal of this club is to make students aware of sustainable development, working on humanitarian projects, equitable business initiatives, and related projects.

Les rendez-vous du changement

This association organizes debates with celebrities, politicians, and others involved in current affairs. It publishes the newspaper “Du Coq à l’Âne”.


This club offers Chinese and Japanese language lessons, Asian cooking lessons, Manga books and videos, a monthly newspaper (“Echo des rizières”) and low-cost restaurant outings.

TBS Finance

This group was created in 1993 thanks to a few students and the stock exchange company, Wargny. Its goal is to help students discover the ins and outs of financial markets. Since 1998, TBS has had a trading room including five Reuter’s terminals, which enable students to track global market prices.

Toulouse offers several types of public transport: buses, metro (subway) and tramway. The metro system network is open from 5.15am until midnight on week days and from 5.15am until 1.00am on Fridays and Saturdays. Trains run every 1-2 minutes during rush hour, every 5 minutes out of rush hour and every 7 minutes at night. There are approximately 70 bus routes. Tickets and prices are the same for both buses and metro. 

Tickets can be bought from automatic machines (instructions are available in English at metro stations). Tickets are valid for one journey and can be used on the metro, tramway and bus networks (metro and tram map p.33 and 34). Cheaper rates are available through a Pastel Card. . You will need to give the following documents: A copy of your ID or passport / a proof of address (telephone or electricity bill, accommodation certificate, a rental receipt, etc.) / an identity photo / 6€

VeloToulouse is a self-service bike rental system. It is open 24 hours/day and you can buy a ticket for one-time use, for a week, or for the year at a very reasonable price. 

There are various private taxi firms in Toulouse, but the main one is Capitole Taxi: .  For safety reasons, we recommend ordering a taxi by telephone instead of hailing one from the street.

The local train station is Toulouse Matabiau SNCF – 64, boulevard Pierre Sémard, 31000 Toulouse, Tel. 0892 35 35 35 and is situated in the center of Toulouse (15 minutes’ walk from the Toulouse Lascrosses campus). 

During your stay in France, you are entitled to the national student health care system like any French student. When enrolling at TBS, you will be talked through the ‘Sécurité Sociale’ subscription, and asked to pay for the corresponding fees (approximately 215€). This will enable the total or partial reimbursement of your medical expenses (depending on the necessary medical care received). All new students will be contacted by their programs about registering with the French social security during their first few days at TBS, and will be assisted through this simple procedure.

The payment of the Student Health Care fees is mandatory for all students coming to France for at least 3 months whether you are insured by your National Health Insurance in your home country or you have taken out private insurance in France or abroad, except if you are:

an EU student holder of the European Health Insurance Card (carte européen de santé), E 109 or E 121 forms or who has taken out a private insurance policy
a student working throughout the academic year (provided you have a job contract)
a student who has been granted a French scholarship which includes insurance
Upon your arrival in France, you must register with one of the two student health insurance companies (Vittavi or LDME) and with a medical doctor.

If you will be in France for less than 3 months you do not need to be covered by the French social security system, but you must have proof of medical cover.

Toulouse Business School brings together knowledge, culture, and employability to ensure that you leave us with an internationally recognized degree, a global business and management perspective, and a professional network that will springboard you into your future. There are many good reasons why TBS has had the most sought-after management program in France for many years.

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