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About Stockholm University

Since 1878 Stockholm University has been characterised by openness and innovation. A modern university with a multicultural environment, Stockholm University is one of the world’s top 100 higher education institutes. 70,000 students, 1,800 doctoral students and 5,000 staff are active within the areas of science and human science.

Education and research at Stockholm University make a difference. The University contributes to individual and social change through top quality education and outstanding research. Our researchers contribute to the development of public policy and political decision making, and participate in Nobel Prize Committees and international expert bodies.

Stockholm is a cultural hub and economic centre, with many green areas and surrounded by water, making it an ideal place in which to enjoy a relaxed and exciting student life.

History of Stockholm University

The initiative for the formation of Stockholm University was taken by the Stockholm City Council. The process was completed after a decision in December 1865 regarding the establishment of a fund and a committee to "establish a higher education institution in the capital". The nine members of the Committee were respected and prominent citizens whose work have helped the evolution of science and society.

The next important step was taken in October 1869, when the Stockholm University College Association was established. Several members of the committee became members of the association - including Professor Pehr Henrik Malmsten. The association's mission was to establish a university in Stockholm and would "not be dissolved until college came into being and its future could be secured." The memorandum of the Stockholm University College were adopted in May 1877, and in the autumn semester of the following year, actual operations began.

In 1878, the university college Stockholms högskola started its operations with a series of lectures on natural sciences, open to curious citizens (a tradition still upheld by yearly publicly open lectures). Notable in the university's early history is the appointment of Sofia Kovalevskaya to hold a chair in mathematics department in 1889, making her the third female professor in Europe. In 1904 the college became an official degree granting institution.

In 1960, the college was granted university status, becoming Sweden's fourth state university. The university premises were situated in central Stockholm at Observatorielundenbut increased enrollment resulted in a lack of space, which required the university campus to be shifted to a bigger facility. Since 1970 most of the university operations are pursued at the main campus at Frescati north of the city center.


  • Institutional Accreditation or Recognition - Utbildningsdepartementet, Sverige
  • Other Specialized or Programmatic Accreditations - Swedish National Agency of Higher Education (SNAHE)


  • In the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014, an annual publication of university rankings by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy/Academic Ranking of World Universities, Stockholm University was placed as the 78th overall best university worldwide (2013: 82).
  • The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2015-2016 listed Stockholm University at position 136 on the list of the world’s top universities. 
  • In the QS World University Rankings, Stockholm University was ranked 182 overall in the world in 2014.
  • Whereas, in the 2013 Stockholm University was ranked 170th overall in the world.
  • Its subject rankings were: 81st in Arts & Humanities, 168th in Life Sciences & Biomedicine, 69th in Natural Sciences, and 65th in Social Sciences.
  • In the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2014, Stockholm University was placed at 140 on the list of universities in the world.

Student Life at Stockholm University

Stockholm University Campus

Most teaching and research activities at Stockholm University take place in the Frescati area just north of Stockholm city, which stretches from the Bergius Botanic Garden in the north to Sveaplan in the south. It is located in the middle of the world’s first national city park, and the area is characterised by beautiful nature, interesting architecture and modern art.


Stockholm University is sometimes called a “campus university in a park environment”, surrounded by the inlets Brunnsviken and Lilla Värtan. The area has a diverse population of both foreign and domestic trees, especially old oaks. Together with a rich herbal flora and fauna, this creates a sense of old parkland.


Ever since the first competition regarding the University’s location and environment in 1960, the choice has been to consistently build in the modernist style. This has made the area a unique sample of Swedish late modernist architecture. The question is whether any other place in Sweden has such a large number of buildings from the last half-century of such high class. This has mainly been achieved by three of the most important architects of the post-war era in Sweden: David Helldén, Ralph Erskine and Carl Nyrén. In addition, there is a building designed by Gunnar Asplund that was erected posthumously.


Alongside the beautiful nature and modernist architecture, Frescati offers many interesting works of art, both inside and outside. Most are available to the public and can be seen as part of our cultural heritage. The most distinctive sculptures form a sculpture park. Some of the artists who have contributed their works are Marianne and Sivert Lindblom and Olle Baertling.

Areas within Frescati

Located within Frescati are: Bergius Botanic Garden, Lilla Frescati, Frescati, Frescati Backe, Frescati Hage, Kräftriket, Albano and Sveaplan. Many of these areas have names with a history going back to the late 18th century. After Gustav III’s trip to Italy in 1783-84, many places around Brunnsviken were named after Italian models. 

Student Unions at Stockholm University

The student unions are membership organizations with the purpose to represent the common interests of students. The most important assignment of a student union is to guarantee that students are able to influence their education, but student unions also have a major role in the social aspects of university life. Stockholm University has four student unions, one large and three departmental student unions.

Services of Stockholm University

International students are welcome to visit Student Services in Studenthuset, where a wide range of information about Stockholm University is available. Here the University also has a central office for Study and Career Counsellors.


At Infocenter in Studenthuset you may ask about everything concerning your studies, e.g. admisson, student exchange, scholarships, degrees, student support and more. Studenthuset is located next to the A building of Södra huset, Universitetsvägen 2 B.

Next to the Infocenter reception you will find computers where you can search for information about opening hours, events, courses and programmes etc. Current events and activities are shown on large plasma screens.

Students are also welcome to visit Infocenter if they wish to:

  • Get certificates of course registration
  • Get study certificates showing completed courses, credits and grades
  • Buy Stockholm University profile products
  • Get a one time code to activate your university account


Once you have decided to study at Stockholm University it is a good idea to start looking for somewhere to live as soon as possible. Stockholm University helps exchange students and students who receive scholarships via Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme with accommodation but all other students need to find housing on their own. Please see “Housing for exchange students” for more information about the application process, our housing areas, and general information for tenants.

Since there is a big shortage of accommodation in Stockholm, it can be a challenge to find accommodation. However there are several things you can do in order to be as prepared as possible. 

Health service

The Stockholm Student Health Services can help you deal with any physical, psychological or social problems that may affect your study situation. If your problem is related to areas other than those dealt with by the student health services, you will be provided with information about where to turn instead.

Nurses are available for consultation at the walk-in reception in Studenthuset, Stockholm University. Health check-ups are carried out by the nurses.

An appointment with a counsellor can be of help when you are dealing with personal or emotional problems. You have the possibility to book a few appointments.

Consultation and counselling are free of charge for all students. 

The student health services function as a complement to the standard health and medical services available to residents of Sweden. Other health-care services, such as emergency treatment, psychiatric care and sexual counselling are provided by theStockholm County Council.

Health care for PhD students is provided by Feelgood.

Top reasons to choose Stockholm University

  • First class education and research 
    Stockholm University is one of the 100 highest ranked universities in the world and a leading European university. First class education and research ensure that you get the most out of your studies. Leading experts will teach and guide you in an academic environment with international exchange at every level.

  • Diverse and popular study programmes
    We offer over 70 study programmes taught in English within the areas of science, humanities, social sciences and law. Our courses and programmes are the most applied for among universities in Sweden. 
  • A place for free minds and new findings 
    Education and research are closely linked at Stockholm University. As a student, you will have direct contact with leading researchers in your field and access to the most recent scientific findings. You will develop your ability to think independently, to analyse and to solve problems, qualities that are required in advanced international careers.
  • International career opportunities 
    An education from Stockholm University prepares you for a career in Sweden and abroad. A new regulation is making it easier to launch an international career after studying in Sweden. Students with a residence permit for studies in Sweden, who have completed at least two semesters of fulltime studies at a Swedish university, may get a residence permit that allows them to stay in Sweden for up to six months to look for work or start a business.
  • Unique location  
    Our campus is situated in the Royal National City Park, just minutes away from the centre of Stockholm city.
  • Exciting student life 
    Student life in Stockholm is broad and diverse. The student union offers both educational activities and social events, and many museums, cinemas, gyms and other places offer student discounts. You can lead a fun and exciting student life while enjoying all the benefits of one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. 
  • Everything Nobel
    The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award in the world. Presented in Stockholm each year, many researchers at the university are part of the committees that elect the laureates. International students in Stockholm have the opportunity to attend the Students’ Nobel NightCap that takes place after the Nobel Banquet in the Stockholm City Hall in celebration of the Nobel Laureates.

Top reasons to choose Stockholm

  • A unique and beautiful capital
    Stockholm is a unique capital in many ways. It offers everything you expect to find in a cosmopolitan city; beautiful architecture, trendy shopping, museums, theatres, night clubs, international food and a music scene that attracts stars nationwide and globally. On top of that you are met by stunning waterfront views almost wherever you go, as Stockholm is built on fourteen islands.  
  • A culture of innovation
    Spotify, Skype, IKEA, King and H&M are a few of the most well-known Swedish brands. While the Global Innovation Index consistently rates Sweden as one of the world’s most innovative nations, Stockholm is Sweden’s business centre and named the "Start-up capital of Europe".
  • Safe, green and clean
    Stockholm has recently been rated the safest capital in Europe, and is famous for its many green and clean areas. Did you know that you are never more than 300 meters away from a park in Stockholm?
  • An open society
    Stockholm is leading in areas such as social welfare, equality, IT, sustainability and innovation. Known for being an open society, Sweden is also ranked second in the world in the Social Progress Index.

In one of the best student cities in the world, Stockholm University creates new opportunities for individuals and society through education and research at the highest international level. Welcome to study with us!

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