Study mode:On campus Study type:Part-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 2.71 k / Year(s)  
801–1000 place StudyQA ranking:7769 Duration:24 months

Faculty of Administration is turning a new page in its development by offering a 2. cycle Master's Study Programme entirely in English. The programme will take place if at least 25 students are enrolled.

Why study master's at the Faculty of Administration?

Our primary goal and vision is quality and that is why the Faculty of Administration ranks as one of the best in the field of public administration not only in Slovenia but also in the SE and Central Europe.

  • FA is a member of the University of Ljubljana, the biggest and the most prominent University in Slovenia and among best in the world.

  • We acquired a distinguished EAPAA accreditation for our 1. and 2. cycle programmes, which ranks us among best in the field of public administration. The accreditation is you guarantee for quality.

  • We are proud of the fruitful international cooperation. Our network is expanding not only in Europe but lately also in China. This enables us to exchange knowledge, students, teachers. We offer summer schools and will this year for the first time also organise our own.

  • The premises of our faculty are modern, well equipped.

Study courses:

  • Administrative-Legal Programme
  • Administrative-Economic Programme
  • Administrative-Information Programme
  • Administrative-Organizational Programme

ECTS: 120

The Master's Study Programme in "Administration" - 2. cycle strives to follow contemporary developments and trends in administrative systems within which, in addition to the concepts of "New Public Management", the principles of management, economics, organisation and informatics of the public sector are gaining in importance, as they form the superstructure of administrative law. The study programme offers students skills for in-depth independent research work and autonomous solving of complex expert and scientific issues.

The first part of the course syllabus is comprised of compulsory and general subjects while the second is divided into three programmes: the administrative-legal, administrative-economic and administrative-information programmes which enable students to obtain detailed knowledge of narrow, select areas either due to already acquired practical experience or for the purpose of planned future occupation.

Students who can enrol in the second cycle Master’s Degree study programme in Administration are:graduates of the three year higher education professional study programme Administration – 1st cycle;graduates of the three-year higher education professional or university study programme Administration – 1st cycle (180 ECTS);graduates of the previous three-year higher education professional programmes and study programmes - 1st cycle (180 ECTS) from appropriate professional fields of administrative, legal, economic, information and organisation programmes. In the 2nd year, they have to enrol in the Administrative-Legal Programme;graduates of the previous three-year higher education professional programmes and study programmes – 1st cycle (180 ECTS) from other professional fields, who have to pass additional exams in three subjects from the university programme Administration – 1st cycle: Administrative Procedure and Administrative Dispute (8 ECTS), Legislative Regulation of Public Administration (6 ECTS) and Theory of Public Administration (8 ECTS), which must be completed before enrolment in the 2nd year. Administrative Procedure and Administrative Dispute must be completed before taking the exams Administrative Procedural Law. In the 2nd year, they have to enrol in the Administrative-Legal Programme.Advancement requirements for enrolment in the 2nd year, according to the transfer criteria:The second year Master’s Programme in Administration - 2nd cycle can be, according to the transfer criteria between study programmes, enrolled by:candidates who are transferring from a study programme that at the end of the study guarantees the acquisition of comparable competences;candidates who are transferring from a study programme from which at least half of the obligations from the study programme, from which they are transferring, can be accredited according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), and are related to the obligatory subjects of the other study programme;graduates of the specialist study programme Public Administration;graduates of the previous four-year undergraduate university programme Administration;graduates of other study fields.The candidates must meet the admission requirements of the programme to which they are transferring. The competent authority determines for each candidate individually any bridge exams and other obligations that the candidate has to complete by the end of the study. The candidates must submit a written request for admission under the criteria for transition, accompanied by a certificate of completed obligations and approved curricula (for graduates of the Faculty of Administration the certificates need not be enclosed).
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