Biotechnology (Biomedical)

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The Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical Science) is an innovative two-year postgraduate program of 48 units.

The curriculum is based on the clear convergence and rapid development of technology platforms in biotechnology, and the maturing of the sector to span discovery, research and development activities.

The program has an experimental focus and exposes students to individual technology platforms as well as developing competitive laboratory and research skills. Students will also be exposed to the many interlinked issues in contemporary biotechnology research; translation and development including compliance and regulatory issues; high throughput screening; project management, team skill development and exploitation.

Specialist biotechnology course content will focus on biomedical research and applications.

Career Opportunities

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing global industries, helping to develop better methods of diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of diseases. There are very strong career opportunities for graduates, particularly those who possess strong laboratory skills combined with an understanding of research and product development.

Potential careers

Medical Scientist, Biomedical Scientist, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnologist, Diagnostic Technician, Research Associates, Research Scientist, Epidemiologist, Scientific Officer, Food Scientist, Food Technologist

The Masters is a 48-unit program of advanced coursework, including core courses, a range of electives and a requirement to complete an 18-unit research project.


For individual courses, assessment includes exams, written and oral assignments and investigative projects (both individual and group). The research project is assessed by literature review, research proposal, seminar, viva and a thesis.

Core Courses

  • BIOTECH 7000 Advanced Research Platforms

  • EDUC 7055 Research Communication

  • TECHCOMM 5016 Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • BIOTECH 7003 Advanced Research Techniques

  • EDUC 7054 Research Design


At least three courses chosen from:

  • BIOTECH 7001 Drug Discovery and Development

  • BIOTECH 7006 Biomarkers, Detection and Diagnostics

  • BIOTECH 7004 Molecular Microbiology and Vaccines

  • BIOTECH 7005 Bioinformatics and Systems Modelling

  • BIOTECH 7002 Stem Cells and Advanced Tissue Culture

No more than two courses chosen from:

  • EDUC 7058 Research Processes

  • TECHCOMM 5021 Applied Project ManagementI

  • EDUC 7058 Research Processes

  • TECHCOMM 5006 Technology Management and Transfer

  • TECHCOMM 5007 Legal Issues of the Commercialization Process

  • TECHCOMM 5011 Creating Wealth Through Internationalisation

  • TECHCOMM 5004 Managing Risk

Research Project

Students must complete a research project of not longer than 15,000 words:

  • BIOTECH 7010A Independent Research Project, Part 1

  • BIOTECH 7010B Independent Research Project, Part 2

Domestic applicantsGraduate entry only. A completed Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field of study of the University of Adelaide, or a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field of study of another institution accepted by the Faculty for the purpose as equivalent.International applicantsGraduate entry only Prerequisites Relevant bachelor degree in appropriate field of study or satisfactory evidence of fitness to undertake degree. Equivalent Scores IELTS Overall 6Reading 5,5Listening 5,5Speaking 6Writing 6 English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6
Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships Name of Scholarship
  • Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Research Scholarship
  • Walter and Dorothy Duncan Trust
  • Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship
  • AFUW (SA) Scholarships & Bursaries
  • The AR Riddle Grant
  • AustCham China Scholarship Program
  • Australian Psychological Society Bursaries for Postgraduate Psychology Students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Descent
  • The University of Adelaide Student Industry Partnerships
  • The Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders
  • Covidien Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery Scholarships
  • Cowan Overseas Travelling Scholarships
  • The Denis Harwood Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • Department of Education and Child Development Professional Experience Scholarships
  • Department of Education and Child Development New Beginnings Scholarships
  • The Doris West Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Keam AM Master of Nursing Science Scholarship
  • Grosset Gaia Fund Postgraduate Scholarship
  • The Marcos Andreas Agapitos Michael Scholarship in Architecture
  • The Mason Family Scholarship in the Communication of Science
  • Smolicz Award Language Teaching Scholarship
  • The Trevor Prescott Scholarship
  • Water Research Australia Scholarships
  • Winifred E Preedy Postgraduate Bursary
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