Comparative Law

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The LLCM (Masters in Comparative Law) program is a one-year course of advanced study for students who have already earned their LLM degree. 

LLCM students build their own curriculum in the same manner as LLM candidates, and most often choose to deepen their understanding by concentrating on a specific area of law and frequently complete a substantial piece of writing in that area. 

In addition to the outstanding course offerings, the LLCM students have the opportunity to gain real world US legal experience. LLCMs are welcome to participate in the LLM Public Service Program which provides students with important opportunities to develop their professional skills while learning more about the communities that exist beyond the walls of Penn Law. Where appropriate, LLCM students are also eligible to participate in four clinical programs focusing on Entrepeneurship, Intellectual Property and Technology, International Human Rights and Immigration, and Mediation.

The Master of Comparative Law is designed to allow LLM graduates the opportunity to pursue advanced coursework.

In order to receive the LLCM degree, a candidate must complete at least 16 credits, earned in at least three courses per semester, over two semesters. Credits earned in the LLM program cannot be counted toward the LLCM degree.

Aside from the above requirements, the LLCM degree is meant to be flexible. LLCM students build their own curriculum in the same manner as LLM candidates, and most choose to deepen their understanding by concentrating on a specific area of law and are encouraged to complete a substantial piece of writing in that area.

Prior LLM Degree Required

Applicants to the LLCM program must either have completed an LLM program at a US Law School or are currently in an LLM program at a US Law School and will have completed the program prior to the beginning of the LLCM program. All LLCM applicants are advised to provide at least one letter of recommendation from their LLM program.

All applicants must submit a TOEFL or IELTS or seek a waiver. This applies even if you are a native English speaker and/or attend or attended a law school in the US. Penn Law does not have a minimum score requirement. In general, it looks for a TOEFL score of at least 100 or IELTS score of 7.5. 

All applicants are considered for financial assistance on a merit basis. As such, information regarding an applicant’s financial situation is not relevant in making determinations regarding financial assistance. All applicants in need of financial assistance should consider sources for financial aid outside Penn Law.

There are a number of factors that are considered when reviewing applications for financial aid, including each applicant’s level of academic achievement and professional experience. Please be aware there is a high degree of competition for financial assistance among admitted applicants and that merit scholarships typically cover only part of the cost of obtaining an LLCM.

Penn Law Merit Scholarships:

In an effort to sustain the exceptional diversity and quality of our LLCM program, Penn Law has set aside Regional Merit Scholarship funds for outstanding candidates with first law degrees from the following countries and regions: Africa (Imasogie Scholarship); Australia, Brazil, Canada, China (PRC), European Union, Israel, Japan.* In addition, it considers all applicants from other countries/regions for General Merit Scholarships. 

Human Rights Scholarships:

Penn Law offers human rights scholarships for outstanding students with a substantial, demonstrated commitment to human rights.  Our application requires an additional essay for students interested in applying for a human rights scholarship.  We offer one or two of these scholarships each year, depending upon the depth of the applicant pool.

Fulbright Partnerships:

In addition, Penn Law has partnered to offer a $25,000 grant in partnership with Fulbright, which will also offer the successful candidate a travel stipend, sickness and accident insurance, J-visa sponsorship, access to global Fulbright programming, and in some cases, additional scholarship funding.  All applicants seeking a Fulbright-Penn Fulbright Scholsarship must apply and be selected by both to Penn Law and to Fulbright.

Other Penn Law Scholarships:

Kübler Scholarship - In conjunction with Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Penn Law school offers the Friedrich Kübler Scholarship for students who have received, or will be receiving, their first state’s examination grade following their studies in law at Goethe.  This $40,000 - $50,000 scholarship is available to go toward the payment of tuition and, in part, other related expenses. There is not a separate application for this award, but successful recipients of this scholarship will have demonstrated in their application materials a high level of academic achievement and/or professional experience in law.  

The Thouron Award is a graduate exchange program between British universities and the University of Pennsylvania. Today it is a leading international scholarship program and experience in friendship, with more than 700 alumni. Students receive full support - tuition and generous stipends - to pursue the graduate degrees of their choice. They are also encouraged to travel and immerse themselves in the life of their host countries.

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