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The Graduate Program in Oceanography is centered in the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, which serves as a focus of interdisciplinary studies and research in estuarine, coastal and open-ocean environments. A broad range of research opportunities are available, including: real-time studies in the coastal ocean using advanced underwater instrumentation; biological and geological processes at deep-sea hydrothermal vents; remote sensing and ocean modeling; advanced underwater optics and fish behavior; biodiversity and marine molecular biology; coastal geomorphology; organism-sediment interactions; cycling of organic and inorganic materials in the ocean; watershed ecosystems.


* Physical Oceanography
* Large-Scale Ocean and Atmosphere Dynamics
* Coastal Ocean Dynamics
* Coastal Ocean Observing Systems
* Marine Benthic Ecology
* Biological Oceanography
* Primary Production in Aquatic Ecosystems
* Early Life History of Fish
* Molecular Oceanograpy
* Estuarine Ecology
* Chemical Oceanography
* Dynamics of Waves, Currents, and Sediment Transport on the Continental Shelf
* Remote Sensing of the Ocean & Atmosphere
* History of the Earth System
* Professional Science Writing and Presentation
* Marine Ecosystems Research
* Communicating Ocean Science
* Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere & Ocean I
* Numerical Modeling of Coupled Systems
* Oceanography Seminar
* Geophysical Data Analysis


Applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree in either mathematics, science or engineering. In addition, they shall have completed prerequisite courses as listed. Students must show proficiency in English, if they are foreign students. GRE scores are required. Students may be accepted subject to the requirement that additional courses are taken to make up deficiencies in their background. Admission to the program also depends on other factors such as work experience, letters of recommendation, and the suitability of background.

The minimum requirements for entry into the Program are: * one year of calculus
* one year of physics
* one year of chemistry


Graduate assistantships are available from sponsored research grants and contracts awarded to the faculty. In addition, a limited number of state-supported teaching assistantships and fellowships are available each year. All assistantships and fellowships include a stipend (from $25,969 to $29,604 per year) and full tuition remission. Virtually all full-time students who are accepted receive financial aid.



The Rutgers name is recognized everywhere, and a Rutgers degree makes a great first impression. Weve built our academic reputation on solid accomplishments:

* Rutgers is a memberso are Harvard, Yale, and Berkeleyof the prestigious Association of American Universities, the 61 leading research universities in North America.
* More than 175 Rutgers research centers support pioneering work in stem cells, climate change, DNA analysis, and more.
* Rutgers international reputation draws top students from more than 130 countries and all 50 states.

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