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Abo Akademi University

Turku, Finland
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The task of Åbo Akademi University is to provide a quality academic environment that will specifically meet the demand for higher education among the Swedish-speaking population of Finland. In research and education, ÅAU will nourish and advocate national bilingualism. One fundamental task of ÅAU is to carry out scientific research of a high international standard that will, in the long run, serve the prosperity of humankind. ÅAU will provide an open academic environment that draws in and mediates new knowledge from all over the world and disseminates its own research results to the international scientific community. ÅAU will actively endeavour to exchange knowledge and interact with the surrounding society at both local and national levels. Based on its research activities, ÅAU will provide its students with an academic education of high quality. The study programmes will support the students’ personal growth in becoming educated and critically thinking individuals, while also providing them with the competencies required in society and on the labour market. An important aspect of this task is to educate Swedish-speaking experts to meet the needs of Finnish society. This requires that ÅAU maintains a broad basis for the relevant areas of education. Another task of ÅAU is to advance the development of Swedish-language culture in Finland and to cherish and mediate the Swedish cultural heritage in the country. As part of this task, ÅAU aspires to serve as a bridge between Finland and the other Nordic countries, and to advance Nordic collaboration within all of its activities.

  • Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology

    The understanding of languages, culture, religion and human behaviour provides you with tools for communication, critical thinking and dealing with the conditions of life. At the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology, the focus is on the multifaceted world of human beings.

    We offer studies within the five study programmes of Culture, History and Philosophy, Languages, Logopedics, Psychology and Theology. Education and research in this setting facilitate various subject combinations and international contacts. The faculty operates in Turku.

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering

    The knowledge of nature is the foundation that enables us to maintain, in a sustainable manner, our high standard of living and to steer global developments – often by means of technology. The five study programmes within the Faculty of Science and Engineering offer studies in many fields ranging from quantum physics and cellular functions to high-performance computing and designing factories.

    We conduct research in extensive co-operation with industries, research institutes and other universities both nationally and internationally. The faculty operates in Turku.

  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics

    Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, you will learn independent reasoning to become a person who will understand, contribute to and manage sustainable and successful development within trade and business as well as in society at large. The faculty offers a diversified and dynamic study environment with many ongoing research projects, exchange students and business collaboration.

    We conduct research and provide education related to different human behaviours from various perspectives, including topics such as elections, information and customer behaviour, new business models, markets and human rights. The faculty operates in Turku and Vaasa.

  • Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies

    The health and well-being of people and access to proper education are the foundation of a safe society and a better world, one which also cares for those who are doing less well. The Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies educates Swedish-speaking teachers for all levels of education. In addition to teacher training, we provide education in Social studies, Developmental psychology and Health sciences.

    Our research in the fields of education, health sciences and social sciences contribute to positive development for all regardless of age and social status. The faculty operates in Vaasa.

Established in 1918, Åbo Akademi University was among the first institutions of the independent State of Finland. In 2018, Åbo Akademi University celebrates its 100th anniversary in both Turku and Vaasa. The aim is to engage, along with the personnel and students, the public, alumni and co-operative partners to take part in the celebrations. “Knowledge – past, present and future” is the theme of the jubilee year.

Our vision is that, by 2020, Åbo Akademi University will be a university that breaks linguistic and cultural boundaries, where the Swedish-speaking academic community is in full synergy with an international atmosphere, and where both education and research are of the highest quality. ÅAU has a special position as the only Swedish-speaking multi-disciplinary university in Finland, and as such, it will lead the way in dismounting every kind of barrier to collaboration, diversity and openness. The proximity of various disciplines in a small university will be turned to maximum advantage in lively cooperation across subject boundaries, and ÅAU will develop new forms of interaction between the university and society at large. 


Applicants to the undergraduate level apply to

  • a 5-year degree programme with the right to complete a 3-year Bachelor’s degree and a 2-year Master’s degree or
  • a 3-year degree programme if this is the highest degree offered at Åbo Akademi University (e.g. Pharmacy).

Who can apply?

All undergraduate (bachelor level) programmes at Åbo Akademi University are taught in Swedish. Please note that all programmes on the bachelor level at Åbo Akademi University require good knowledge of Swedish langauge prior to admission.

In order to be eligible for undergraduate studies an applicant must meet both the academic and the language requirements.


If you are eligible for university studies you can apply to Åbo Akademi University. University eligibility means that your prior education gives you the right to apply and enter university studies. Applicants must prove completion of the equivalent to a Finnish secondary school education (12 years of school), or completion of examinations qualifying for entry to a university offering internationally recognised academic degrees.

In general, if a student is eligible for studies at a university in his/her home country, s/he is eligible for university studies in Finland. In order to be able to apply, applicants must meet the requirements of general university eligibility (Lisbon Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in the European Region, Council of Europe). In addition the departments have requirements concerning special eligibility (särskild behörighet), e.g. prior studies in certain subjects or language requirements. Please see the  presentation for each degree programme for details on further requirements (available only in Swedish).

Applicants are advised to contact  Education Services if they are uncertain of whether or not their educational credentials meet the formal academic requirements.

Some of the places in the joint application round are reserved for first-time applicants. You are a first-time applicant if you

  • have not completed a degree at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences or
  • have not accepted a study entitlement for a higher education degree in Finland in autumn 2014 or later.

You are an eligible applicant for Master’s-level studies if

  • you have a nationally recognized bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education,
  • you meet the language requirements
  • your degree is in a relevant field for the Master’s degree programme that you’re applying to

If you are graduating after the application deadline, you may apply on the condition that the required application documents are submitted and arrive at Åbo Akademi by 31 July 2018 at 15:00 (Helsinki time).

For PhD you must have completed

  • an appropriate university Master’s degree or
  • an appropriate vocational higher education degree or
  • an appropriate foreign education, which provides eligibility for equivalent doctoral-level studies in the country in question.

In general, you are required to have completed advanced studies in your chosen major subject or possess corresponding knowledge either within or in addition to a prior degree.

Åbo (Turku in Finnish) is Finland’s oldest university town with traditions dating back to 1640. It is regarded as the best student city in Finland with more than 35,000 students and offers a safe and exciting environment for students to enjoy a vibrant student life. With an international atmosphere and memorable student traditions, studying in Åbo is often described as being an entirely unique experience with many international students picking up skills in both Swedish and Finnish during their stay. The Åbo campus lies in the heart of the old part of the city, next door to the University of Turku. As the Åbo campus hosts the majority of the university’s students and researchers, the two universities have a well-established cooperation within various areas of research and continue to collaborate in creating research of the highest quality.

In 2011 Åbo was awarded the European Capital of Culture together with Tallinn in Estonia. Åbo is a city of history, art and culture with many museums, theatres and other cultural activities all at your doorstep. With excellent transport links and the famous archipelago lying just outside the city, Åbo has many enticing features for students looking to make use of their free time. The city is located 160 kilometres west of Helsinki (the capital of Finland) and also contains a port where cruises to Stockholm and The Åland Islands are easily accessed.

Åbo Akademi University – Vasa campus is located in the city of Vasa, often called the sunniest city in Finland. Vasa is a university city with many institutions of higher education bringing over 13,000 students to the area. The city of Vasa is situated on the west coast of Finland with direct connections to Helsingfors (Helsinki) and Stockholm, Sweden. The region is one of the most innovative in Finland and an important centre for Finland-Swedish culture. The Vasa campus is small and friendly with easy access to services and outdoor activities. The location and university have been very highly rated by international students over the years.

Vasa is a bilingual city – most inhabitants speak Finnish and Swedish well and use both languages in their everyday life. The city also has a lively university feel, with many cultural activities and social outlets for students to participate in.

  • Åbo Akademi University values participation as a basic condition for motivation, quality and efficiency in teaching and working at ÅAU. Participation is present in all aspects, from inclusive pedagogics to the right to be heard and contribute to decision-making processes that affect one’s own work. Participation, in turn, requires respect, commitment and responsibility from all those studying or working at ÅAU.
  • Freedom of research, free access to information, as well as internal and external openness are fundamental values for Åbo Akademi University. In terms of research and education, we pursue and value dialogue and co-operation with organisations and stakeholders outside of ÅAU. Within our own organisation, we place a great value on open and honest communication that encourages dialogue between different groups and units.
  • The fundamental goal of Åbo Akademi University is to work toward Finland being a country where the Swedish language and Finland Swedish culture are blooming in enriching interaction with other languages and cultures. The Nordic community is important for us as it forms a wider framework for diversity and cultural exchange. In all our activities, we value diversity as a source of creativity and well-being. We respect difference and work actively to advance equal opportunities and gender equality. 
  • As stated by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC), the quality management procedures and methods of Åbo Akademi University are in compliance with the national criteria for the purpose of ensuring the high, international quality of the operations. Accordingly, Åbo Akademi University received a quality label for another six years – to be valid until 14 March 2022 – and will be included in the national FINEEC Audit Register.
  • 1,400 publications per year. The publishing of research results is essential for a university. Publishing constitutes the foundation for scientific dialogue and sustainable knowledge, but it also serves as a way of giving back to the society that provides financial support for science and research. For universities, the number of publications per year is used as a measure of activity, a fact that is taken into account by the State for the determination of its funding.
  • The Åbo Akademi University’s study programmes will be profiled as being the best way to achieve a good position in working life. This is accomplished through our undergraduate bachelor programmes in Swedish, which equip students with broad and flexible compentencies, our wide range of language Åbo Akademi University’s profile An essential aspect of Åbo Akademi University’s strategy for 2015–2020 is the profiling of the activities. Profiling means that we pursue to differentiate more clearly from other universities and to highlight those areas that are distinct to or particularly prominent in ÅAU. 10 ÅBO AKADEMI UNIVERSITY STRATEGY 2015–2020 studies, and our master programmes that provide specialist knowledge and skills. 


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