Leuphana University Luneburg

Lueneburg, Germany
Website: www.leuphana.de Founded: 1946 year StudyQA ranking: 1661 pts. No. Students: 9888 Frgn. Students: 596 No. Staff: 591 Languages: German Phone: 041316772277 Fax: 041316771430
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Leuphana University of Lüneburg is one of Germany's landmark universities for higher education reform and innovation. With about 10.000 students and 150 full professors, the university has developed a highly recognised academic profile. Today, Leuphana University is regarded as a model institution for inter- and transdisciplinary research, academic organisation, innovation in teaching and academic transfer. Leuphana University's mission derives from the very idea of academic education as enabling an individual to live in a self-determined manner and also to take part in shaping society. A university for civil society in the 21st century, Leuphana follows the mission of being a humanistic, sustainable and proactive university.

Lüneburg is a 1,000-year old city of 73,000 inhabitants, located near Hamburg. Established as a salt mining community, it enjoyed great prosperity in its early years, supplying the whole Scandinavian and Baltic Sea regions with salt. Renowned for its opportunities and affluence, Lüneburg was the place to be for Germany's most wealthy inhabitants, which is still evident in the well-preserved inner city. Today, Lüneburg is essentially a university town. The lavish 14th and 15th century churches, St John's, St Michael's, and St Nicolai, the beautiful baroque Main Square and the tranquil medieval monastery attract visitors from all around the world. The pedestrian city centre invites visitors to linger. A great number of well-assorted specialist shops in historic buildings featuring steep gables provide extensive shopping opportunities, and many cafés and pubs open their doors to visitors every day. In particular, the bars situated at Stint and in Schröderstraße offer a varied nightlife. Lüneburg also is a very vivid cultural spot; numerous musicians, artists and actors are active in clubs, studios and theatres of the town.

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