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About New York College

NEW YORK COLLEGE (NYC) is a group of educational institutions offering high quality multicultural education through academic collaborations with acclaimed American and European universities. NYC Educational Group was established in 1989 with the assistance of the STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, Empire State College, U.S.A.

Besides New York College in Greece with campuses in Athens and Thessaloniki, and the University of New York in Prague, the NYC Educational Group is also affiliated with the University of New York in Tirana and New York College London (in process).

NYC offer Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in a variety of disciplines in collaboration with distinguished universities in the United States and Europe, which guarantee students the authentic degree of the partner university, while many of our programs are taught by the teaching staff of these universities.

NYC can offer a wide selection of training and degree programs to business executives and working professionals, with competitive tuition and delivered with an 'executive-mode' of study, thus, without interrupting participants' work schedules.


New York College is licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, as a Center for Post-Lyceum Education in Athens and Thessaloniki as per the Government Gazette Decisions: 92775/IA / 27.7.2010 (GG 1302) and92798/IA/27-7-2010 (GG 1320 B), respectively.  The licence was renewed in 2013 (GG 2061/23-08-13).

Services of New York College

Becoming a student of New York College, you can enjoy a wealth of student services that will help you throughout your studies and beyond them. From personal advising, to student clubs and societies, athletic activities your new life as a student becomes a rewarding experiece.
A list of services and activities includes: 

  • Academic Advising
  • Carrer Office
  • Athletics
  • Couseling
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Student Union

Academic Advising

All students upon admission are assigned to an academic advisor. The advisor may be called upon for assistance in making decisions by which the student’s desired academic goals may be attained.

All students are obligated to meet with their Academic Advisors twice each semester. The office hours of the Academic Advisors will be posted on the bulletin board. The name of your advisor will be provided to you upon registering for your courses.

The meetings with your advisor are designed to help you to:

  • Monitor your progress.
  • Work out your study and career plan.
  • Make best use of the college's services.
  • Direct you in study and research techniques.
  • Get advice for your choices in academic programs.


This is a unique service offered by NYC making the student our first priority.

NYC is ready to respond to a variety of challenges you may be facing. Counselling is available to all students by a professional Counselling Psychologist. It is recommended that any student who feels the need for psychological support to set an appointment with our counselor. Confidentiality is ensured.

Appointments can be made at: 210 3225961.

When an individual decides to seek help, it should be considered as a sign of strength and upheld by the belief that the counselling process can result in healthier adjustments and personal growth for those who seek it. By providing this service to the students of NYC we make sure that students are assisted in enhancing their overall educational experience.

Clubs and Societies

New York College student body has taken an active interest in setting up student clubs related to their study and personal choices. Students are encouraged by NYC Student Affairs department to participate in these clubs and get experience and skills useful for their personal and professional development.  Currently the following clubs are active, but please be reminded that you can set your own club, you are only required to have a fresh idea, and to be able to mobilise your fellow students to register.

  • The Student Union
  • The Psychology Club
  • The Communication & Marketing Club
  • The International Relations Club
  • Athletics

Student Union

The Student Union is the representative body for the students. Elections take place once per year and the students vote those that best represent them.

The main goal of the Student Union is to enhance college life and act as a bridge between the NYC administration & faculty and the students. Under the umbrella of the Student Union, the students organise various events such as: parties, cultural visits & activities, excursions etc.

The new Student Union Board has been elected and they have set forth their action plan for the current academic year. One of their major goals is to collaborate closely with New York College in Thessaloniki and thus expand the NYC student body network even more. They now plan to have short vacations to Greek islands as NYC family members, all together on the same dates, so as to become acquainted with one another. Moreover, the Union's plans include:

  • To create links with all NYC branches
  • To organise cultural activities (visits to museums, galleries, etc.)
  • To gain privileges for the Student ID holders
  • And much more…

The Writing Centre

From this term there will be available a Writing Centre,  a free service open to all undergraduate and taught masters students interested in discussing and developing their academic writing throughout the academic year.

We offer one-to-one drop-ins and appointments during which we can help you work on aspects of academic writing such as term papers, assignments and presentations.

We offer support and guidance on:

  • How to structure an essay/project.
  • How to use sources appropriately 
  • Proper referencing (how to use the APA/MLA system)
  • Plagiarism issues
  • Help with revising first drafts of essays – or any project in progress
  • Presentation skills

The Center offers individual consultations on any aspect of academic writing you feel you have to improve.

The Writing Centre is located on the ground floor, next to the Computer Zone.

For The Writing Centre enquiries and to book an appointment email: or drop by the Writing Centre on Mondays from 12:00 to 14:00p.m., on Tuesdays from 17:00 to 18:00p.m. and on Wednesdays from 15:00 to 17:00 p.m.

Studying for a degree at NYC can be a fantastic experience, which will give you a high-quality education in a diverse environment in the heart of one of the most cultural cities in the world!

NYC provides a supportive environment for international students. Life on campus is enriched through the diversity of cultures. The Director of the International Office has a vast international expertise in Student Services and is always available to offer advice to any applicant from overseas.
It is highly recommended that international students stay in close contact with the International Office throughout their studies, in order to remain updated on issues concerning them

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