Industrial Engineering and Management

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 3.48 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 4.35 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jun 30, 2025
1001+ place StudyQA ranking:8648 Duration:24 months

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The Master´s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management was established as a joint effort of technical universities around the Baltic Sea, known as BALTECH consortium.

The Programme is intended to provide a postgraduate study on the basis of the three blocks: engineering, management and economics, and management of engineering decisions.

The objective of MSc - to prepare the specialists that are able to acquire a professional competence both in engineering and management areas. The degree enables students to study topics in depth relating to the both above-mentioned areas and to understand the integrated principles among these different fields of activity, which are necessary in the modern manufacturing, and non manufacturing environment.

Uniform attention will be paid both into engineering and management study modules. The main study modules are as follows: Managerial Finance, Product Development, Engineering Operations Management, Industrial Marketing, International Industry and Industrial Production, Modern Management of Organisations, Quality Management and etc. provide for students enough knowledge for their scientific and professional activity.

1st semester (30 ECTS credits)

* Managerial Finance 6 ECTS credits
* Product Development 6 ECTS credits
* Engineering Operations Strategy 6 ECTS credits
* Operations Research 6 ECTS credits
* Industrial Production 6 ECTS credits

2nd semester (30 ECTS credits)

* Industrial Marketing 6 ECTS credits
* Information Systems in Production Management 3 ECTS credits
* Computer Integrated Manufacturing 6 ECTS credits
* Manufacturing Planning and Control 6 ECTS credits
* Computer Aided Process Planning 3 ECTS credits
* Research Work 1 6 ECTS credits

3rd semester (30 ECTS credits)

* International Business 3 ECTS credits
* Modern Management of Organisations 6 ECTS credits
* Productivity Management 6 ECTS credits
* Quality Management 6 ECTS credits
* International Industry 3 ECTS credits
* Research Work 2 6 ECTS credits

4th semester (30 ECTS credits)

* Master´s Qualification Work 30 ECTS credits

Bachelor in mechanical engineering, management and computational sciences, or equivalent is required. Admissions are made on the basis of demonstrated ability, qualifications, experience, references, occasionally and interviews in the earlier studies on mathematics, physics, core mechanical engineering, management, economic and computational study modules.
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