Nutrition and Dietetics

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Nutrition and Dietetics is a challenging and exciting profession that applies the science of food and nutrition to the health and well-being of people. The profession includes areas of practice which focus on the impact of food and nutrition on our lives such as:

  • treating existing disease; 
  • promoting health and fitness, 
  • preventing illness; 
  • planning school meal programs or other group feeding programs; 
  • food supply safety;
  • the management of food service operations in institutional settings; nutrition research
  • community education programs
  • food and nutrition labeling laws
  • improving the nutritional quality of food and supplements


Junior Year, Fall Term

  • HRS 1000    Introduction to Research, 3 credits
  • HRS 1023    Human Physiology, 4 credits
  • NUTR 1602  Nutrition Assessment 1, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1609  Clinical Biochemistry, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1620  Macronutrient Metabolism, 3 credits

Junior Year, Spring Term

  • NUTR 1610  Food Science 1, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1612  Social & Cultural Determinants of Food Behavior, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1613  Food Science 1 Laboratory, 1 credit
  • NUTR 1621  Micronutrient Metabolism, 3 credits
  • Elective, 6 credits

Senior Year, Fall Term

  • NUTR 1603  Nutrition Assessment 2, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1605  Principles of Nutrition Education & Counseling, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1614  Application of Critical Thinking to Nutrition Issues, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1630  Nutrition Therapy 1, 3 credits
  • HRS 1009    Organizational Theory & Concepts in Healthcare Facilities, 3 credits

Senior Year, Spring Term

  • NUTR 1604  Food Service Management with Lab, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1608  Professional Trends and Issues, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1622  Nutrition in the Life Cycle, 3 credits
  • NUTR 1632  Nutrition Therapy 2, 3 credits
  • Elective, 3 credits

*The major portion of the DPD curriculum consists of courses that are required and that are offered in a planned sequence. Included are professional level courses that are offered only once during the academic year. Any deviation from completing the courses in the planned sequence may cause a delay in progressing to higher level required courses and ultimately delay the year of graduation.


  • High school students interested in the BS degree in Nutrition and Dietetics program are encouraged to take three years of high school math, chemistry and biology. This preparation, although not a requirement for entrance, is helpful for students when making the transition into the program.
  • SHRS is an upper division school meaning all of our undergraduate programs begin in the junior year.  Students typically spend their Freshman and Sophomore years in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences completing their general education requirements and any prerequisite courses needed to apply to the program.
  • Altogether, sixty college credits are needed to apply to the program. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) is required. A grade of C- or better must be achieved in all courses designated as a prerequisite for admission. (C or better for courses not taken at the University of Pittsburgh).
  • Submit a personal essay—a brief statement discussing why you are interested in the program, your professional goals including how and when you became interested in that field, as well as any work or volunteer experience you have that will demonstrate your awareness of the field. 
  • Submit one letter of recommendation. Recommendation from a college instructor/professor, recent supervisor, or academic advisor preferred.
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. 
  • Applications are accepted until March 15 for fall admission.
  • Applications can be submitted when course requirements are in progress. Prerequisite courses must be completed in the spring semester. A maximum of two courses (3-6 credits) to be completed over the summer is acceptable.
  • All applicants must demonstrate knowledge of the profession through previous work experiences, internships, field experiences, and/or volunteer work experiences. 


  • Diversity Scholarships
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