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The globalization of the markets and the rapidly expanding use of Information and Communication Technologies are transforming drastically the business environment. The MBA International Program of the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) has been designed having in mind this dynamic evolution. The Program's mission is to foster a new generation of management professionals and business executives who can respond effectively to the new realities of the business world, and lead their organizations into the new era.

The goals of our program are indicated by the acronym DECISION, which stands for the key directives of the program:

Develop Human Skills. Through a personalized skills development program, that includes exercises, team assignments, leadership role-playing, and personal coaching, we develop your self-awareness, self-management, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and communication skills.

Emphasize Analytical skills and Decision-Making. Through a number of courses and cases, we aim to develop your ability to grasp context, analyze/structure complex problems, use data, evaluate alternatives and risks, handle complexity, and ground decisions in profound knowledge.

Create Technological Awareness. Our curriculum includes specializations in some of the most technologically driven areas, such as financial engineering, e-business, or supply chain management, so that you develop a strong technological awareness that is critical in today's business environment.

Instill Entrepreneurial Culture and Skills. Through a combination of activities such as courses, international study trips, case studies, mentoring, a specialization, and a personal venture development exercise, we try to build up the skills and cultivate the culture required in today's entrepreneurial economy.

Support Practical Training. No classroom education can be complete without practical training. Through our Field Study Program, you will work in a team of students to address a real problem for a real company. In addition, case studies and experiential learning form an integral part of the program.

Instill Ethics and Social Responsibility principles. We strongly believe that Ethics and Social Responsibility form an integral part of leadership, and, as such, they are an important component of the program. Our membership in the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations signifies the importance we place on these principles and provides the platform for a number of activities that take place and you can be part of.

Operate Internationally. Through a series of international study visits and exchange agreements, a significant pool of international business courses to choose from, and an international environment of faculty and students, you get a first hand knowledge of international business today, thus setting the basis for a successful career internationally.

Network. Our alumni network is extremely active and supportive. And so is our career office. By being a member of AUEB's MBA class you will benefit from this network for life. In more than 20 countries you will enjoy the professional and social benefits from a network of successful alumni who share the same passion for their alma matter.

The Full Time MBA International program starts in September of every year. Preparatory courses are offered starting late August, for the 2 weeks prior to the normal program. Students who have to take the preparatory courses are notified upon admission. All coursework for the program is normally completed by mid-July of next year. The program is divided in 5 academic periods, each period consisting of 7 weeks of classes, followed by 1 week of exams.

At the end of their coursework, students undertake their field study project, which normally lasts 3-4 months, and addresses a real business problem.


The curriculum consists of:

  • Core courses common for all participants
  • Required and elective major courses that "count" towards their major
  • Elective courses
  • A Field Study Project undertaken within a group
  • A Personal Development Program, parallel to the coursework

During the first 2 periods students undertake mostly core courses, while in the last 2 periods they take mostly elective courses. Note that some of the elective courses may not be offered during one year, depending on student demand or availability of the instructor. The core and the elective Courses are distinguished in:

  • Full-courses, which include 28 hours of teaching and count for 2 academic credits
  • Mini-courses, which include 15 hours of teaching and count for 1 academic credit.

Degree Requirements

To complete the program, a student has to obtain 42 academic credits:

  • Core courses: 24 credits
  • Elective courses: 12 credits (of which 8 can qualify for a specific major)
  • Personal Skills Development courses: 2 credits
  • Field Study Project: 4 credits, Part Time students can select course credits instead

Field Study Project - Immersion Project

The Field Study Program (FSP) is the capstone requirement of the MBA program. It aims at bringing together teams of participants with companies and organizations, in order to address real problems in a corporate environment. The sponsor company representatives, the graduate students and the program faculty collaborate in selecting, formulating, structuring, executing and reporting on field study projects for mutual benefit and enrichment. The projects emanate from real business problems that companies face. The studies are executed utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, and their results are reported through the master's thesis of the students and professionally written managerial reports. More than 200 such projects have been successfully completed, with excellent feedback both from company sponsors and program participants.

Students might also undertake an international intership, an entrepreneurial project or a corporate social responsibility action.

Personal Skills Development Program (PSD)

Throughout the academic year, every participant undergoes a "Personal Skills Development (PSD) Program". This personalized coaching and development program assists the participant to develop and improve his/her personal skills, such as communications, teamwork, stress management, negotiations etc. This course includes a number of activities, such as lectures, assignments, cases, role playing, presentations, coaching, etc. In the program, the participant is also assisted in developing his/her personal career plans.

International Exchanges

Full time participants can participate in an international exchange program during the last 2 periods of the program, with one of the Business Schools that participate in our exchange program. For the academic year 2012-13 there are exchange agreements with schools in France, Spain, China, India, South America, Thailand and Singapore. A participant interested in participating in an international visit has to indicate his/her preference by the end of the first academic period (November).


The MBA International program is a general graduate management degree that prepares students for a range of careers, while offering the possibility of majoring in a particular business area. Comprising eight course credits among a set of specified required and elective major courses, the majors give students an opportunity to gain knowledge into an area of interest, thus facilitating a career switch or developing an existing specialty. With five majors plus the general track, students shape their academic experience to meet their personal career goals.


The following courses are offered:

Core Curriculum (2 credits per course)

  • DS-111 Organizational Behavior and HRM
  • DS-120 Managerial Economics
  • DS-121 Financial Management
  • DS-122 Corporate Finance
  • DS-131 Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • DS-141 Marketing Management
  • DS-151 Data, Models and Decisions
  • DS-161 Information Systems Management
  • DS-181 Business Strategy
  • DS-801 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • DS-301 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
  • DS-701 International Business

Elective courses

1 -- General Management and HRM (5 courses)

  • DS-217 Management of Change - 1 credit
  • DS-273 Knowledge Management - 1 credit
  • DS-443 Establishing and Sustaining Effective Managerial Interaction - 2 credits
  • DS-900 Personal Skills Development - 2 credits
  • DS-280 TOPAZ Simulation - 1 credit

2 -- Finance and Accounting (6 courses)

  • DS-232 Managerial Accounting - 2 credits
  • DS-421 Investment Analysis - 2 credits
  • DS-423 Financial Markets and the Economy - 2 credits
  • DS-424 Future Options and Other Derivatives - 2 credits
  • DS-426 Financial Risk Management - 2 credits
  • DS-436 Project Finance - 1 credit

3 -- Marketing (5 courses)

  • DS-310 Market Research - 2 credits
  • DS-314 Consumer Behavior - 2 credits
  • DS-315 Business to Business Marketing - 1 credit
  • DS-523 Digital Marketing and CRM - 1 credit
  • DS-703 International Marketing - 1 credit

4 -- International Business and Management (4 courses)

  • DS-349 Doing Business in Balkans and Black Sea Region - 2 credits
  • DS-352 Doing Business in India - 1 credit
  • DS-442 Greek Language and Culture - 1 credit - (Credit awarding for non-Greek students)
  • DS-218 International Negotiations - 1 credit

5 -- Technology, Logistics and Operations (5 courses)

  • DS-171 Operations Management - 2 credits
  • DS-521 e-Commerce and Inter-Organizational Networks - 2 credits
  • DS-524 e-Business Technologies and Systems - 2 credits
  • DS-621 Global Supply Chain Management - 2 credits
  • DS-526 e-Business Marketing - 2 credits

6 -- Strategy and Decision Making (4 courses)

  • DS-450 Energy Economics and Management - 2 credits
  • DS-260 Geopolitics and Business - 1 credit
  • DS-446 Mergers and Acquisitions - 1 credit
  • DS-530 Social Network Analytics - 1 credit

7 -- Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 courses)

  • DS-334 Innovation, Creativity and the Management of Technology - 2 credits
  • DS-345 Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Energy - 2 credits
  • DS-346 Innovation and Entrepreneurship - 2 credits
Application form and essaysA completed application form is mandatory. Please take time to think about the essays. Remember: there are no "right" answers; we are interested in your story, in a natural and honest way. Write about what is important to you, not what you think is important to us. There is no minimum or maximum length, but most applicants find that 400 words per question are appropriate.Undergraduate degree requirementThe academic background of an applicant is carefully evaluated. Variety in the academic background of the candidates is encouraged, with special emphasis on recruiting students with an undergraduate degree in social sciences, engineering and sciences, so as to achieve a good balance with students of management and economic background.Foreign languages requirementA candidate must know two languages to get into the program. All candidates are expected to be fluent in English. This is proven through the Proficiency Certificate of the English language, the TOEFL test (at least 79), or the IELTS test (at least 6.5). Please note that TOEFL results can be sent directly to AUEB - MBA International Program, code number: 5737. The candidates' level of verbal expression in the English language is also evaluated in the admission interviews that are fully conducted in English. In addition, all candidates must submit evidence that they possess practical knowledge of a second language. If a candidate's native language is not English, his/her native language fulfills the second language requirement.GMAT requirementFor Full-time candidates, the GMAT is a requirement for admission. Please have your official results sent directly to the school, by indicating GMAT code number: WF7-WH-52. The GMAT is a standardized assessment, delivered in English that helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management. Schools use the test as one predictor of academic performance in an MBA or in other graduate management programs. The GMAT measures basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills that a candidate has developed over a long period of time in his/her education and work. A minimum requirement to be considered for the Full-Time program is a GMAT score of 550. The average GMAT score of last year's intake was about 640. Please note that GMAT is only one of the criteria for admission in the program. Work Experience / Managerial PotentialThe MBA International program aims for people who can assume leadership roles at an international level. We therefore ask for content as well as duration of work experience when assessing your suitability for the course. For the Full Time program, candidates should have at least three years of work experience. Candidates with less work experience who have exceptional academic credentials and GMAT scores, as well as demonstrated truly outstanding leadership, can also be admitted to the program.Personal motivation and Interpersonal skillsThe MBA is a demanding experience that can change the participant's life. We look for evidence that participants will be reflective, mature and realistic as well as ambitious and highly motivated. Moreover, we place particular emphasis on working in teams. We need to ascertain that candidates will make a positive contribution to the collective learning experience in the program.Recommendation lettersYou are expected to submit two recommendation letters together with your application form. Both letters should be from your employer(s). Applicants with limited work experience may submit one letter of recommendation from the employer, and another from the academic environment from where they have graduated. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 600 TOEFL iBT® test: 100

The International Fellowship Program

IFP stands for funding given to talented international students who want to pursue an MBA but have limited funds of their own. The objective of the International Fellowship Program (IFP) is twofold:

  • To address the increasing need for an international character in business education, that will prepare students for the global nature of today's business.
  • To give the opportunity to bright and promising international students to gain entry to the program, and thus, act as a catalyst for enhancing collaboration and joint business development between Greece and other countries.

The International Fellowship Program is run in partnership with a number of corporate sponsors who offer financial support to the program.

The fellowships may include part or all of the following:

  • Tuition fees
  • Books
  • Travel assistance
  • Living accommodation for the 14 month duration of the program
  • Allowance support for the 14 month duration of the program

It is also expected that the Fellows (students), while attending their course of studies, will be in contact with their sponsoring company, and will thus be better prepared to undertake management positions once they return to their home countries. Alternatively, it is not uncommon for the sponsoring company to extend an offer to the Fellow.

Our Partner Companies come from diverse sectors including venture capital, manufacturing, financial services, etc. They benefit from having access to a unique program for training future managers and potential recruits. They support our regional presence, assist in the selection process and they are actively involved in nominating and endorsing high caliber fellows.


MBA International Program is fully accredited by AMBA (The Association of MBAs), the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education.

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