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Future students and our users:

We really appreciate your interest and support! If you are interested in being the part of our early adopters' team please share StudyQA’s info or join our Internship program.

Our top priority is to build a great product that will help international students find a suitable program to study abroad in an easy and fun way. Which is why your feedback is very important to us. Whatever you have to say, good or bad, ideas or inspirations & prays, please shoot us an e-mail at Thank you!

Universities, Colleges, Schools, or online educational web-sites:

StudyQA helps universities and colleges around the would recruit international students and improve online awareness about educational opportunities worldwide, focusing on developing countries where access to information on international education is very limited.

We are adding new programs and schools on a daily basis. If you wish to get your programs added promptly please provide us with your XML feed of courses. You can simply send some information about you and your XML feed to or you can add it online in your account. After that we will start publishing your courses ASAP!

Your feedback is just as important as the XML feed. Our top priority is to make sure that everyone has a great experience with StudyQA and gets satisfied with the results. We also want to make sure that Universities and online education web-sites get motivated and talented students. Therefore, please, share what you think with us at


Our team has over 8 years of experience in international education and international student recruitment. We’ll soon be able to share statistics and data on  type of education people from the developing countries are looking for abroad, key criteria, and the way they actually make those choices.

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Work with us
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  • it is a marketplace of foreign students, convenient instrument for searching entrants worldwide allowing to spend marketing budgets competently;
  • it is a platform for lead generation on the set parameters (sex, age, education, GPA, country, etc.);
  • it is a specialized channel of attraction of qualitative traffic to the university's website.
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