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    The Master in Insurance & RiskManagement provides the competencies to work in the financial services and more specifically in insurance and risk management. At the European level, it is a unique master. It creates professionals who can work in risk management of diverse economic industries, from insurance and banking to consulting.

    The programme develops the managerial spirit and capabilities of its candidates. It is a programme with a strong international perspective.

    The uniqueness of the Master and its level of excellence are demonstrated through:

    * A wide-reaching network of relationships with company sponsors and partners
    * International (EPAS) and national (ASFOR) accreditations
    * Support from institutions like ANIA, IRSA, AIDA, ARIMAS and CINEAS
    * Its high percentage of job placement (96% within 6 months of graduation for the last edition)

    The programme uses a managerial approach to cover specialized themes in insurance and finance.

    The Master is divided into the following areas:

    Fundamentals of Management and Economics

    Quantitative concepts and basics of financial analysis from accounting to capital budgeting. Courses include: Principles of Corporate Finance, Principles of Investment Evaluation, Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Mathematics and Applied Statistics.


    Basic techniques relevant to life and non-life Insurance. Courses include: Introduction to Risk & Insurance, Life Insurance Technique: the Basics, Life Insurance Technique: Applications, Non-life Insurance Technique: the Basics, and Non-life Insurance Technique: applications.

    Risk Management

    Covers themes of insurance risk, notions and models of analysis to identify and efficiently manage corporate risk. Courses include Principles of Risk Management, Financial Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management in the Insurance Industry and Enterprise Risk Management in the Banking Industry.

    Insurance Company Management

    Examines the managerial side of companies in the insurance process. Courses include: Accounting and Control in Insurance Companies, Firm Evaluation, Organization design & Human Resource Management, Marketing in the Financial Services, and Strategic Management.

    Personal Development

    Sharpens the soft skills needed to optimise personal potential. Develops communicative, relational, cross-cultural, and leadership skills. The MIRM programme begins with three days of outdoor training as part of the Personal Development track.

    Class Activities

    The first part of the course provides for the rapid learning of basic knowledge through the use of different teaching methods, and subsequent closer study of the latest in sophisticated management models. The hands-on approach involves participants in group activites and in-the-field projects. Leading Italian insurance companies host MIRM for a variety of workshops and company visits. Study tours take MIRM to Munich and London, the hubs of European finance.

    Internship and Project Work

    The second phase of the course focuses on writing the final project. Participants are given the opportunity to carry out an internship with our sponsors or other partner firms. As n alternative to the internship, participants may choose to spend part of their study course abroad in a country they believe is particularly pertinent to their career objectives.

    Final Exam and Graduation Day

    In the final phase of the course, participants present their Project Work to the School's Academic Committee, company tutors and selected representatives from company partners. The Master concludes with the Graduation Day ceremony.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Requirements for selection are the following * University Degree (exceptions only on rare occasions) * Excellent English proficiency * Strong personal motivation
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