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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 12k
  • Foreign: $ 14.9k
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 164pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

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    Accounting & Finance (M.A.) ‒ invest in your future

    A company must also be stable in financial terms – this applies for a medium-sized export-oriented company as well as for a large multinational business. You are responsible for this as a manager in the field of Finance & Accounting – especially in questions of planning, deploying and monitoring the company's financial resources.

    During your studies you gain comprehensive knowledge which prepares you for confidently working in the international capital market. Furthermore, against the background of your respective business context, you learn how to deal with the planning, use and control of financial resources.

    1st SEMESTER

    • Service Operations Management
    • Performance Measurement & Management
    • International Business Ethics
    • International Corporate Governance
    • International Economic Policy
    • Advanced Research Methods
    • Applied Statistics
    • Language Course I

    2nd SEMESTER

    • Elective Courses:

    • International Negotiation Skills
    • Leadership
    • Language Course II
    • International Organisational Behaviour
    • Advanced International Human Resources
    • International Management Accounting & Control
    • International Financial Accounting
    • International Marketing
    • International Financial Management

    3rd SEMESTER

    • Specialisations:

    • Strategic Service Management
    • Advanced Corporate Finance
    • Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
    • Advanced Management Accounting & Control
    • Current Issues in Finance
    • Current Issues in Accounting

    4th SEMESTER

    • Master Thesis & Colloquium

    University requirements

    • School education
      • High School Diploma, or IB Diploma, or university entrance qualification or equivalent qualification* and transcript of records.
        *Equivalent qualifications from foreign schools and IB diplomas are recognised accordingly.
      • If you have not graduated yet, you may apply with your existing transcript of records (incl. grades and credits, if applicable) for a conditional acceptance.
      • Your final High School Diploma and Transcript of Records needs to be submitted in original or certified copy upon starting your studies.
    • English language skills
      Since all of our study programmes are offered in English, a certification of your language skills is required (TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo or Cambridge).
      • Academic IELTS 6.0
      • TOEFL IBT 80 points
      • PTE 56 points
      • Duolingo 105 points
      • Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency
      • TOEFL/IELTS Waiver Application
    • IUBH Entrance examination
      Depending on your grades and country of origin, an entrance examination may be required.
      The entrance exam may be conducted remotely and consists of a written and an oral exam. The written part of the exam is computer-based and takes approximately 2.5 hours. It is composed of the following sections (1-3):
      • General Knowledge: Multiple choice questions (30 minutes)
      • Mathematics and Logic: Mental arithmetic, conversion exercise, math word problems, logic (60 minutes)
      • English Grammar and Comprehension: English reading, “fill-in-the-blank“, grammar questions (60 minutes)
      • English Oral Exam: Interview (15 minutes)

    Program requirements

    Program requirements

    • Bachelor´s degree  (180 ECTS)
    • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 according to the German grading system
    • At least 2 years full-time professional experience (internships do not qualify)
    • English, academic IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL IBT 80 points/ PTE 56 points (51 points in each component)
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
    • Personal statement* (maximum 800 words, 1-2 pages, paper format DIN A4)
    • 1 passport photograph
    • Copies of your school leaving certificate + transcript of academic records
    • Copy of TOEFL/IELTS/CEFR/Pearson (PTE) score report   
    • Copy of your passport   

    * Personal statement: We welcome students who reflect our values: academic excellence, international orientation and high commitment to personal goals and achievements. Please write approximately 1 ½ page (maximum 800 words) about

    • yourself
    • your personal goals
    • why you have chosen the IUBH

    After submitting your online application we will check if you fulfil the entry requirements and will contact you within two weeks.

    Tuition Fees in Finance & Accounting (M.A.)

    General tuition fees per semester

      International Management · Finance & Accounting
    120 ECTS
      EU Students Int. Students
    full-time I
    (4 semesters)
    full-time II
    (6 semesters)
    3.790€** 4.690€**
    (8 semesters)
    2.990€**  3.690€**


      International Finance & Accounting
    60 ECTS
      EU Students Int. Students
    (2 semesters)

    * Prices apply to annual payment made in advance and apply from Autumn 2017; ** Prices apply to annual payment made in advance and apply from Autumn 2018
    ° only at campus Dublin, starting autumn 2018

    Additional Fees

    What? How much? Why?
    Application Fee € 50
    single payment
    When you apply at IUBH an application fee is incurred.
    EU Students
    € 650*
    € 650**
    single payment
    When a university place is reserved for you an enrolment fee is incurred.
    Int. Students
    € 900*
    € 900**
    single payment
    When a university place is reserved for you an enrolment fee is incurred.
    Campus Card
    Bad Honnef
    € 300
    per semester
    At the beginning of your studies you are issued a Campus Card - a cash card to pay for all campus restaurants as well as the photocopiers. In the Master programmes the Campus Card costs € 300 per semester. There is no fee in the last semester.
    “Studentenwerk” membership
    € 190
    per year
    This is the membership fee for Berlin‘s student union. The students‘ union is a public institution in Berlin which offers its members numerous services. These include mensas, residences, job centers, social services, etc.
    Student Ticket
    Bad Honnef
    € 125.20
    € 126.60 ***
    per semester
    All students are given a student ticket when they enroll at the IUBH.
    This ticket entitles you to use the public transport system within the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS).
    Student Ticket
    € 193.80
    per semester
    All students are given a student ticket when they enroll at the IUBH. This ticket entitles you to use the public transport network in the Berlin and Brandenburg region (VBB), and includes the option to take a bicycle along. .

    Scholarship: Admitted students can apply for a 100% scholarship during their first semester of studies.


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