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    Since the studies of Chemistry, Physics and Nanoscience have many common features and foundations, they have been combined in the Physical Sciences Graduate Program to allow for synergistic effects in both, teaching and research. The Chemistry track provides a broad background in chemical sciences. The track Physics enables a broad study of the physical foundations of eminent problems, Physics forms the basis of our understanding of objects as diverse as elementary particles, molecules, living cells, electronic devices, stars and galaxies. The track Nanoscience deals with problems at the nanometer length scale where the traditional sciences of physics, chemistry and biology loose their distinctiveness and merge into a new transdisciplinary science, commonly known as Nanoscience and its concomitant technology.

    Physical sciences encompass the study of physics, chemistry, nanoscience and further connected research areas. Together with experiments, key concepts and theories build the foundation of this research area. Physical Sciences are mainly concerned with physical and chemical properties, as opposed to the study of the characteristics of living things done in the life sciences though, e.g. biophysics becomes an increasingly important part of physical sciences also at Jacobs University. The knowledge of physical science is, for example, important for the understanding and development of many things in daily life. Many products we use have been developed using the principles of physical sciences such as physics, chemistry and nanoscience. Research in this direction includes scientific and computational issues that are of critical relevance to all facets of society. Problems addressed include the fabrication of nanoparticles and new devices, the development of new drugs and finding new ways of how to deliver them and the fundamental nature of matter. At the same time, researchers in physical sciences trace the evolution of the universe, hunt for elusive sub-atomic particles, or design detection systems for toxins and explosives.

    At Jacobs University Bremen the Physical Sciences Graduate Program is supported mainly by the Center of Functional Materials and Nanomolecular Science NANOFUN and the Mathematics, Modeling, and Computing Research Center MAMOC. But also other centers such as the Molecular Life Science Research Center MOLIFE are connected to this graduate program.

    This graduate program is part of an Integrated PhD program. Students who enter with a Bachelor Degree usually need to pass a qualifying exam after their third semester to finish their PhD within 4-5 years; those who enter with a Master Degree will obtain their PhD after 3 years.

    University requirements

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    Program requirements

    The following documents are needed: * Graduate Application Form * Essay/Statement of Purpose * University Transcript * Degree Certificate * English Language Proficiency Test * Two Recommendations from Faculty MembersOptional GRE: Though not required, GRE test scores are a major component of the decision making process. Candidates who submit a high-scoring GRE test with their application be preferentially considered for acceptance and stipends. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 CAE score: (read more) Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is part of the Cambridge English suite and is targeted at a high level (IETLS 6.5-8.0). It is an international English language exam set at the right level for academic and professional success. Developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment - part of the University of Cambridge - it helps you stand out from the crowd as a high achiever. 60 (Grade C) TOEFL paper-based test score : 575 TOEFL iBT® test: 90

    The most promising applicants are admitted on the basis of a full tuition waiver. In addition, stipends can be awarded upon application to the respective scholarship program. All admitted students are eligible for student jobs.

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