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Abdullah Gul University logo
Mechanical Engineering Program Abdullah Gul University
Cost per year: $ 787
Ranking: 8666
Location: Turkey
Liberty University logo
Family and Consumer Sciences Liberty University
Cost per year: $ 29.2k
Ranking: 7819
Location: United States
Hult International Business School logo
Global One-Year MBA Hult International Business School
Cost per year: $ 69.8k
Ranking: 7473
Location: United Kingdom
University of Central Lancashire logo
Magazine Journalism University of Central Lancashire
Cost per year: $ 6.03k
Ranking: 6148
Location: United Kingdom
Academy of Tourism Antalya logo
Hotel Management program Academy of Tourism Antalya
Cost per year: $ 5.09k
Ranking: 5347
Location: Turkey
Hult Boston logo
Master of International Marketing Hult Boston
Cost per year: $ 41.3k
Ranking: 2473
Location: United States
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